Pin Trend: Grey Floors in Modern Spaces

Pinterest's yearly Top 100 list reflects trending topics + images that are bound to get even bigger over the next year. With grey floors trending big in home decor, we've curated some of our favorite images and grey floor ideas below. Click on each image to pin to your own profile or visit our Pinterest board

Matte grey wood floors look amazing with a cowhide rug and occasional pieces layered over. 

Soft grey wood floor contrasts with raw reclaimed wood on coffee table and shelves. 

Light grey on the floors offer a neutral canvas for furnishings and decorative pieces in this Scandi-modern inspired living space. 

Grey cement floors with a large grid pattern bounce the natural light within this open living dining space. 

A modern kitchen gets a rustic touch from warm wood and an industrial element from modeled grey cement floors. 

Grey cement floors are warmed and softened with a natural woven rug and upholstered bed. 

A antiqued grey finish lightens wood floors in this elegant entry. 

Grey floors laid in a classic chevron pattern add a French element to this cool toned living room in greys and purples. 

A blue velvet bed cover contrasts beautifully with rustic grey floors in this modern bedroom. 

A pink minimalist sofa and knitted ottoman sat atop rustic grey floors make for a welcoming living space in this industrial loft. 

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