Sled Base Chairs

Our modern collection of sled base and wire mesh chair designs is filled with sleek looks such as the Bleeker Chair by Nuans Design, the Stack Chair by Kubikoff Lab and the Dressy Chair by B&T Design. Many of these wire chair designs are stackable, and all are made with supreme comfort and versatility in mind. You'll find them the perfect fit in the home as dining chairs and office chairs, or in a commercial setting as conference or waiting area chairs. No matter the setting, our modern wire chairs will provide years of comfort and pleasing aesthetics.


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Gel-SL Chair - Pack of 4

pack price: $1,218.00

Gel-T Stacking Chair - Pack of 4

pack price: $968.00

Harput Sled Armchair

from $341.00

Juliet-SL Chair - Pack of 4

pack price: $1,998.00

Kets Sled Armchair

from $445.00

Noble Sled Armchair

from $422.00

Pasha Sled Chair

from $317.00

Pikaia Slide Stackable Chair - Pack of 4

from $471.00
pack price: $1,884.00

Polo Flat Chair

from $341.00

Polo Sled Chair

from $253.00

Polo Sled Wood Chair

from $297.00

Prisma Wire Chair

from $385.00

Rama Slide Base Stackable Chair - Pack of 4

from $429.00
pack price: $1,716.00

Rego Sled Armchair

from $413.00

Soho Sled Armchair

from $396.00

Stack Chair

from $99.00

Stack Pop Chair

from $248.00

Traffic-T Sled Stacking Chair - Set of 4

from $259.50
pack price: $1,038.00
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