Surf Barstool Sled Base



Surf Bar / Counter Stools | © By B&T Design Team

A brand new product family composed of a chair, an armchair and a high stool, flowable shell form resembles surf waves that also inspired its name, brings new alternatives for B&T Design’s leg base options that are available for all furniture. B&T Design’s leg base propositions derived from the needs of the space and aesthetics details of the interior design become richer with the new leg base offers exclusive for Surf series.

Surf series that combine high-quality surface comfort, ergonomic and fluid line and modern classic attitude with its timelessness and dynamism, can be customised for the space’s and users’ needs with leg and armrest options.The seat shell made of polyurethane presents a perfect harmony with B&T Design’s all of the upholstery options in the fabric and leather catalogue. The brand’s craftsmanship in the sewing and upholstery is served for users’ best experience in the new product series.

Estimated Lead Time: 8 to 10 Weeks 
Can be shipped within the EU Countries 
Surf Barstool Sled Base:Inches 18.1w | 23d | 39.8h | 30.5 seat height

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B&T Design Team (2004),
The innovative furniture and materials that provoke the emergence of the new designs are the main determining factor for the B&T Design team’s motivation and productivity. B&T Design team has adopted the concept of the ideal that favors the “quality product” rather than the “best selling product” while creating the beneficial relationship between the designer and the buyer.

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