Kubo Loveseat

By Kubikof

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The Kubo Loveseat is known for its sleek design and use of high quality materials. This single loveseat is constructed with wooden frame and cushions are available in different versions. You can choose the type of coating and the frame you want. The wooden frame is standard in natural ashwood, fumed white, cherry, walnut, wenge, black or white stained. Cushions filled with high resilient foam covered with natural down feathers. Cushion covers are easily removed and are available in a variety of upholstery options including fabric (washable), leather, and natural-hair cowhide. Kubo Loveseat is a highly functional and comfortable chair designed by Gino Lemson. Kubo is ideal for either a professional reception area or the home. Made in Italy.

Special Order Only - 12 Weeks

Can be shipped within the EU Countries

  • With a comfortable upholstered seat
  • Cushions filled with high resilient foam covered with
        natural down feathers
  • Sledge: Hand polished stainless steel
  • Construction: Independent steel frame with heavy belting straps
  • Standard wooden frame
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • 29"H x 49"W x 32"D
  • Seat height: 15.7"

Seat Color Options

Color Options


Gino LemsonGino Lemson was born in 1972 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As a child Gino enjoyed drawing and painting, academic subjects were not his favorite! After finishing an education in graphic design Gino began working as a printer. Aged 20, Gino and his brother opened a small furniture shop called GM Living Style. Here Gino began working on designs for chairs and sofas and went on to develop proto-types. A few years later Gino and Matthieu opened their furniture factory called Nuevo, which specialized in the production of upholstered products. Nuevo became a successful company and the 'Piaceri' model designed by Gino became a best seller. Gino went on to develop several new designs for upholstered products for Nuevo and worked with designers such as Hans Kolpa. In 2004 Gino and Matthieu established Kubikoff srl and Gino realized his first model for the Kubikoff brand, the 'Kubo'.
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