SJ Bookcase Large

By We Do Wood

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Redefining the traditional bookcase system, the SJ Bookcase by Sebastian Jørgensen offers a myriad of combinations and colors - from the rigorous to the more asymmetric expression. As the cases are removable, you can redesign the look and renew its uniqueness from time to time. SJ Bookcase is made from certified moso bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources the world has. Manufactured by We Do Wood.

Estimated Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Can be shipped within the EU Countries

  • Material: Moso Bamboo and Brass
  • Colors: Steel Blue, Greenish Grey, Jade Green, Reseda Green
  • Delivered in a flat package, final assembly done at home
  • Cleaning of bamboo is done by a damped cloth applied a little soap
  • Maintenance is done with sandpaper (grain 180) in the fibre direction
  • Afterwards 3 treatments with linseed oil should be applied
  • We Do Wood only work with certified plantations
  • Bamboo is grown with NO chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
  • Production has the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the industry
  • Warranty: Three year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Suitable for: Dining / Cafe / Restaurant / Public Spaces


    • Horizontal bookcase: 12.6" H x 24.8" W x 11.8" D
    • Square bookcase (2 pcs.): 19.3" H x 19.3" W x 12.2" D
    • Vertical bookcase: 21.6" H x 14.2" W x 11" D
    • Mounting bar (2 pcs.): 45.3" Long
    • Weight: 50 lbs


Danish furniture designer Sebastian Jørgensen believes a piece of furniture is a success when it invites you to use it and does not require too much explanation. His natural bamboo designs feature lines that are at the same time severe and gentle. The surfaces are shaped with devotion to create simple, geometric forms, and a combination of ease and comfort stands out.
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