Black and white--this fall 2013 décor trend is still going strong despite its consistent appearance in the runway and home designs. This classic duo is, needless to say, a must if you want to create a streamlined and sleek looking modern home. But, to make this combo more interesting, design pros reinvent the contrasting combination by playing with textures, shades and more to create daring black and white modern room designs. 

If you’ve been scouring design sites for modern decortating ideas, here are some inspirational ones to make your space pop out and stunning:

Mesmerizing – this is the first word that pops into our mind at first glance of this cushy-looking space. The wall décor is clearly the focal point here. The white and black furniture, on the one hand, blends very well with the wall décor’s color. The beechwood base of the solo lounge chair with ottoman adds texture to the space as well as the silver accents on the center table.

 Chic and sleek, this small apartment’s wow factor is its masculine touches softened by the color combination of black and white. Here, the classic colors are toned down with the integration of furniture and accent pieces in different shapes and textures.

Black and white is never dull – and can actually make your home look more inviting. This comfy-looking living space is one proof of playing with textures and shapes, dispelling the myth that the black-and-white combination will give your home a severe look. Throw in some feathered throw pillows, afghan covers, interesting-shaped rugs and accent pieces to add more spice to your classic look.

 Add more character to your space by combining classic black-and-white with colourful and vibrant touches. Use panelled walls in black and adorn it with interesting pieces; or swathe your black ottoman with a printed fabric.

This reading nook looks relaxing and divine. The ingenious wall decals in black and white add depth to the space. The lounge chair in black leather and natural color of the wood cabinet and floor give the space a charming and rustic look.

This living room exudes romance and elegance with the generous amount of white and sparse number of black.

Aiming for a sophisticated kitchen? Add texture to your black and white kitchen counter, pantry, furniture and accent pieces with wall and floor decals.

If your bedroom doesn’t have ample space for your personal knickknacks, paint your room in white and add black pieces to accentuate your white and bright room. Use fabrics, wall art and furniture in black and white prints to spice it up.

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