Each piece of furniture bearing the sohoConcept name is born from a focus on the essentials: long-term durability and high quality translated into a clean-lined form language. Although trend based manufacturing and development lead sohoConcept, they acknowledge the staying power of the people who design, develop and manufacture their products to be the reason for its rise in the furniture industry.

Talip Aysan founded his Turkey-based company B&T Designs in 1993. At the heart of their brand were three key words: “better”, “desirable” and “ worthy”. They would go on to build their, now, global company on those words and ideals. Today, B & T provides stunning modern products to over 50 countries including the United States. Their design team of top Turkish designers such as Alp Nuhoglu, Tanju Ozelgin, Atilla Kuzu and Aybike Tarner create groundbreaking modern designs such as the Flu Lounge Chair, Pop Modular Sofa, Pera Ellipse Chair and the Absolut Table.

Harmonious shapes and functions, up-to-date technological development, and plenty of variety for contemporary living. Elegance and simplicity, in-depth research and new creativity have been the leitmotiv of company production from the outset, for a refined and demanding public. Kristalia has discovered the desire to experiment new ways: for its image and products, which represent the latest trends in Italian design.

Established in 2012, Two.Six is a furniture brand and design editor committed to rethinking design and how it fosters contemporary culture. They select noble materials and new materials within a strict criteria of quality, endurance and sustainability. They work with a group of talented young designers from around the world to realize their line of modern furnishings for eclectic environments.

Danish company We Do Wood is one of the best producers around of furniture created in a pure, unpretentious style with clear references to classical modern design. They’ve chosen to design furniture in the material moso bamboo due to it being the most sustainable natural resources the world has. And it is the only woody plant that can keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation.

Kubikoff is a family-run business, which started two decades ago in Rotterdam when its founders were only 17 and 19 years of age. Back in the day, the Lemson brothers opened a small factory with one idea in mind: to produce a versatile modular sofa that would be appealing, funky and at an affordable price. A love affair with Italy began and it was so strong that it brought them over to Tuscany in 2004, when Kubikoff was founded.

Italian-based Domitalia has succeeded as a global leader in the production of innovative Made-in Italy modern furnishings for residential and commercial spaces. Founded in 1989 by Alessandro Ferluga, the company specializes in modeling products marked by style, comfort and innovation. Domitalia’s furniture ranges include chairs, tables, storage and accessories created with a contemporary Italian aesthetic.

A Canadian design company, specializes in unique industrial style furniture for commercial and residential use. Under the expert guidance of owner and lead designer, Marco Pecota, each piece in this bold range is created from the belief everyone should be surrounded by art and beauty. Their growing retail line includes vintage-inspired modern tables, chairs, barstools, shelves and lighting.

Spanish design firm B & V has been creating modern furniture inspired by originality and elegance. Produced in their Valencia headquarters, each of their pieces is produced by expert designers and master craftspeople using traditional handicraft and state-of-the-art technology. The B & V furniture range includes modern sofas, modular seating, lounge chairs, armchairs and occasional tables for upscale modern and contemporary spaces.

With three goals in mind—‘make it eye-catching, keep it elegant and make it durable’— the award-winning Tronk Design team offers a vintage-inspired mix of hand-crafted, solid wood furnishings from their Cincinnati-based studio. Each of their furniture designs reflects a classic yet contemporary character achieved through a superb mix of vintage styling, modern technology and superior construction.

With an unwavering commitment to locally-made products for 20 years, the Createch team designs high-quality residential and commercial furniture for today’s modern and contemporary spaces. There ranges of innovative products span from geometrically inspired barstools to comfort-minded dining chairs.

Founded in 1945, family-owned Papatya produces innovative, high quality modern furniture. For the last 23 years, their design team has focused there on creating long-lasting yet affordable indoor/outdoor products from materials like injected polycarbonate polypropylene and technopolymer. "A smart choice for the home, restaurant or office... the question becomes not whether you should specify the Papatya chairs, but how many?"

Founded by two Spanish designers, Paparajote Factory creates designer cushions inspired by the light, climate and vitality of Spain’s Murcia region. Each product is 100% handmade by the professional seamstresses of the area and exudes a casual contemporary flair.

Paulo Ramunni has dedicated the past 20 years to designing and producing his own creations within a self-owned design studio and factory. The modern furnishings he and his team produce are distributed worldwide, to both the residential and commercial markets.

With a youthful yet respectful approach, the OSidea team honors original design concepts while expanding on each’s possibility. Their furniture designers hail from all corners of the globe with each focused on creating top quality modern design that is relevant and attainable to the most people.

Founded by Flemming Hoejfeldt in 1971, Denmark-based Innovation offers convertible modern furnishings based on their commitment to producing good design that combines style, comfort and functionality. Each piece in their collections combines the excellence of Scandinavian design tradition with current fashion and lifestyle trends.

Italian brand TOOU expertly melds contemporary taste with the tradition of the great design schools of the 20th century. The result—dynamic furniture designs that are at once desirable, customizable and affordable. Each piece they produce is intended to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

Matt Cole and Dan Given founded M.A.D. in 2010 after spending 10 years designing, producing and managing other people’s furniture in Asia. Under their own moniker, the duo and their design team create fresh, innovative and contemporary furniture, shipped to 20 countries worldwide. 

Founded in 1991, Seed Design launched their first product in Europe in 1992, the UFO fixture. Since the Seed design team has gone on to achieve global recognition for their lighting collections of floor lights, table lamps and pendant fixtures. Their mission—create straightforward yet timeless designs to illuminate any environment.

Nordic design principles meld with Chinese craftsmanship for a furniture line that is at once handsome and functional. The Dohaus team's mission is to create straightforward, functional and aesthetic pieces that are ideally versatile for integrating seamlessly into various surroundings. Their motto: "Well-designed products improve quality of life."

With a commitment to creating innovative, timeless furnishings to fit any budget, Ceets delivers with their collection of affordable modern furniture. Each of their seating and table ranges is handcrafted and designer-curated to provide the ultimate finishing touch to today’s home and office spaces.

Established in 2002, Koncept uses their year of manufacturing and industrial design experience to develop innovative products for home and business. Since they have launched a line of elegant LED lamps and lighting fixtures which have gained national and international attention.

A prominent modern furniture brand with 60 years of success, MetalMobil is a true example of the high quality “made-in-Italy” moniker. Using state-of-the-art industrial processes and materials, their seating ranges present high end options for interior and exterior spaces. 

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