Bartoli Design

Comprised of Carlo, Paolo and Anna Bartoli, Bartoli Design continues its experience in furniture design and design culture begun by Carlo Bartoli in 1960. They achieved international recognition and success through many partnerships with leading companies in the furniture sector, including Kristalia, which they've received awards for the Sol Table and Still Table.

Makio Hasuike

Beginning his career in his native Japan, Makio Hasuike at one time worked for Seiko designing clocks and timers for the Tokyo Olympic Games. In 1963 he established himself in Italy, and went to establish the first industrial design studio in Milan. Today, after 40 years in design, Hasuike creates products across an array of industries including furniture and décor accessories. 

Luca Nichetto

Born in 1976 in Venice, designer Luca Nichetto studied at the Art Institute and afterwards attended Venice’s University Institute of Architecture. He obtained a degree in industrial design, and in 1999, began his career designing Murano glass for Salvati. In 2006, he launched his own design firm Nichetto & Partners in Stockholm. Today, Nichetto designs for a wide variety of Italian and international companies, such as Kristalia.

Monica Graffeo

Born in Pordenone in 1973, designer Monica Graffeo graduated from the Italian design school of Padova in 1995. Her first collaboration after graduation was with Fausto Boscariol and afterwards with Gabriele Centazzo. In 1998, she began freelance design working with manufactures like the Italian-based Kristalia.

Ruggero Magrini

Both were born in the province of Udine and met at Politecnico di Milano, where they graduated in Industrial Design. Paolo Lucidi (1974) has had artistic training. He has worked in a factory, as a clerk, shop assistant and designer. Luca Pevere (1977) He has gained professional experience with Clino Trini Castelli, examining the quality aspect of design (Mitsubishi and Hitachi), on the one hand, while analysing the technical aspect with Marco Ferreri, the pragmatic heir of Bruno Munari (Zerodisegno and Magis), on the other.


With major design awards to their credit since joining in 2004, the Ramos Bassols design team of David Ramos Tarrès and Jordi Bassols has achieved a great variety of success in the creation of furniture, objects and lighting. Currently, in addition to teaching, the duo designs modern furniture pieces for manufacturers such as Kristalia.

Paolo Zani

Milan-based designer Paolo Zani’s collection brings engaging aesthetics and high function to home and commercial spaces. His furniture range includes seating designs like the Mantis Office Chair with its fine Italian aesthetics paired with comfort-minded ergonomics.

Angelo Natuzzi

Born in Italy in 1978, Angelo Natuzzi went on to earn his degree at Matera Art School in 1997, then graduating from University of Industrial Design of Rome in 2005. His thesis entitled Coocoo, a modular seat which, together with the “Sèdiolo” play centre for children, qualified as a finalist in the 2005 Premio Esaedro award. He has worked with small enterprises, outside the furniture business, as a consultant and designer. Today, he designs for companies such as modern furniture manufacturers such as Kristalia.


In 1997, Italy-based Kristalia created an in-house group, Bluezone, to deal with research and development of new materials and manufacturing techniques for product engineering. Bluezone is composed of professionals and technicians with solid and varied experience in the design and communication fields. They produce furniture prototypes for modern home and hospitality spaces.

Christophe Pillet

Christophe Pillet is a French designer who started his training in Milan in 1991. He designs furniture with a spirit animated by the concerns of perfection, detail and an object well-made. His work ranges from product design to interior design, architecture and set design, he always pursues interesting simplicity, elegance created with a few details. Currently, he designs for high end furniture manufacturers such as Kristalia.


Both were born in the province of Udine and met at Politecnico di Milano, where they graduated in Industrial Design. Paolo Lucidi (1974) has had artistic training. He has worked in a factory, as a clerk, shop assistant and designer. Luca Pevere (1977) He has gained professional experience with Clino Trini Castelli, examining the quality aspect of design (Mitsubishi and Hitachi), on the one hand, while analysing the technical aspect with Marco Ferreri, the pragmatic heir of Bruno Munari (Zerodisegno and Magis), on the other.

Harry & Camila

After having met at Milan’s Domus Accademy in 1994, designers Dutch-born Harry and Cuban-born Camila Canela partnered in both work and home life. In 1998, they established the studio Harry&Camila in Milan. With two children in tow, they moved studio and house to Barcelona yet they continue to work with furniture manufacturers such as Italian-based Kristalia.

Marco Pecota

Noted as a Renaissance man, multidisciplinary artist Marco Pecota has spent his life driven by a passion for design. Mapping out imaginary tree forts and drawing fantastical spacecraft during his childhood years has given way to designing and manufacturing bold industrial-inspired furnishings and interior spaces as founder and lead designer of Pekota Design, his Canada-based industrial design firm. In addition to his retail furniture lines, Pecota is proprietor of the popular Toronto retail store and design venue, Metropolis Living.

Brad Musuraca

Designer Brad Musuraca creates vintage-inspired furniture designs with a complex and evolved style. With a degree in Classics, he began his design career while working at his family’s small manufacturing facility. Today, he is the co-founder and lead designer for Cincinnati-based Tronk Design.

Ruud Bos

This innately talented Dutch furniture designer boldly jumped into the craft and started designing chairs for the contract market in 1993. Working directly with his design’s end users, he approached each product from a manufacturing standpoint while keeping good product design in mind. Having established himself and his design talents in the industry, Bos began working with Kubikoff. The Kubikoff/Bos collaborative realized their noble objective: to bring good modern design to a wider range of people.

Gino Lemson

Born in 1972 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Gino Lemson is co-founder of Kubikoff Italy. Gino’s ‘Piaceri” model seating was produced and became a best seller. In the years following, Gino developed several new upholstered seating designs, working at times with designers such has Hans Kolpa. In 2004, Gino and Matthieu founded Kubikoff srl and released the first design under the brand, the ‘Kubo'.

Sander Mulder

Born in 1978, Sander displayed precociousness in creativity and ingenuity that would later spark his design studies in 1996. It soon became apparent, that this was not a passing interest but an enduring life long passion. Upon graduating in 2002 from Eindhoven's Design Academy, he started his own furniture design studio and began creating pieces with strong lines and subtle detailing using innovative techniques all resulting in bold design statements.

Kubikoff Lab

With international spirit and Italian labor in mind, Kubikoff Lab was established in 2004. During the 2006 and 2012 Milan Furniture Shows, the brand received considerable interest with their newly released products. The history of design provides Kubikoff designers the terms they imbue into their furniture: internationality, technology, flexibility, modularity and vivacity. Most remarkably, however, with their constantly new combinations, the designers show optimism and euphoria of solutions and the versatility of shapes.

Silvia Ceñal

Spain-born designer Silvia Ceñal studied technical engineering at the University of Basque Country. Her work includes interior design of offices, restaurants and stores to furniture and lighting design. Ceñal currently works solo and has recently designed products for the Two.Six brand.

Marco Gallegos

Costa Rican-born designer Marco Gallegos works from New York, creating furniture designs for modern living. He received his BA in Product Design in Germany in 2009. Since his designs for brands such as EOOS Design, Kluber Design and Rockwell Group have been internationally-renowned. Recently he has designed product for Two.Six.

Cristiana Macedo

Architect and creative director Cristiana Macedo creates furniture pieces to inspire better lives. She currently designs for TS Studio and brands such as Two.Six. She says, “What follows us in life leaves a mark on the way we live. So that you can generate in others a desire to live more fully and striking."

Jutta Friedrichs

German-born in 1979, this young designer went on to graduate from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London. Reflecting on the contrasts she encountered in her life in China, Jutta creates furniture with a minimal sensibility yet a strong abstract take on nature. A common application found in her designs is the use of sleek manufactured surfaces juxtaposed with organic natural materials. With this, Jutta sets out to energize every day environments. Jutta co-founded a design department at a Dutch retail company, where her imaginative works were duly recognized with two Red Dot design awards.

B&T Design

Talip Aysan founded his Turkey-based company B & T Designs in 1993. His mission was clear; create and offer high quality, comfortable, casual and fashionable modern furnishings at affordable, competitive prices. He would go on to build his, now, global company on those words and ideals. Today, B & T provides stunning modern products to over 50 countries including the United States. Their design team of top Turkish designers such as Alp Nuhoglu, Tanju Ozelgin, Atilla Kuzu and Aybike Tarner create groundbreaking modern designs such as the Flu Lounge Chair, Pop Modular Sofa, Pera Ellipse Chair and the Absolut Table.

Tanju Ozelgin

Turkish-born, furniture designer Tanju Ozelgin began his creative career at Marmara University in Istanbul where he graduated from the Department of Industrial Products Design. Tanju was discovered by Erte Binme's Parlak Kirmizi who encouraged him to focus on industrial designs and architectural products. From 2005 to today, he now designs modern furniture and works as an interior designer of contemporary and modern spaces under his brand, T O. Through his collaboration with B & T, Tanju has created such phenomenal pieces as the Spirit Chair, Durgo Sofa and Seri Table.

Alp Nuhoglu

Born in Trabzon Turkey in 1965, Alp Nuhoglu completed his academic education in Mimar Sinan University within the Industrial Products Design department. At the age of 23, he founded the furniture design company, DOR. Currently, Alp works as a designer and the design director with B & T Design. He is a prolific designer having created 25 of the B & T products we offer. It is his work with this firm which we feature here on 212Concept such as the Slender Chair and modular Pop Sofa.

Per Weiss

As head of Innovation’s design department since 1989, Per Weiss is the driving force behind the manufacturer’s creative collections of Scandinavian-inspired convertible furnishings. Weiss was born in Denmark in 1959 and started his design career while attending the School of Architecture in Aurthus. His innovative furniture designs for Innovation include the Splitback Sofa, Zeal Daybed and Clubber Lounge Chair.

Antonio Basile

Italian-born Antonio Basile has been designing furniture for over 26 years. He keeps his design approach fresh by traveling the world to meet other like-minded designers and stay current on new technologies and manufacturing techniques. While high profile industry professionals are specifying Basile’s designs in their interior projects, his noteworthy Hanna range of modern timber furnishings is offered both commercially and publicly through OSidea.

Po Shun Leong

England-native Po Shun Leong, born in 1941, has had an illustrious career as an architect, furniture designer and fine wood sculpture. His artworks are highly sought after and are in permanent art and museum collections. Leong has a proclivity for creating new forms of art and artful yet functional furniture designs. In his California studio, he designs unique wood furniture for brands such as OSidea. See Po Shun Leong Collection.

Eric Pfeiffer

Author and designer Eric Pfeiffer’s prolific furniture design collections are featured in over 350 of the world’s finest stores, most notably in US, Europe and Japan. Driven by his goal of ‘creating essential objects’, Pfeiffer works with a various companies to answer the real needs of people and the market. For manufacturer OSidea, he has created his a duo of occasional tables.

John Zheng

Majoring in both wood engineering and furniture designs, John Zheng graduated from Nanjing Forestry University and now has over 20 years of experience in furniture design and manufacturing. His work has been noted for its wonderful fusion of European modern design concepts and methods with an emphasis on detail and innovation. He recently created an alphabetically-named furniture range for OSidea which includes tables and seating for both commercial and residential spaces.

Stolt Design

This Norway-based trio of young, open-minded designers approaches each of their furniture designs with a distinct problem-solving mindset. They established Stolt Design after graduating from Akershus University College’s Product Design department setting out with the mission to design long-lasting products boasting quality, functionality and high user value. Through Stolt Design, they promote collective and individual works while collaborating with one another for quality assurance on all their designs.

Sebastian Jørgensen

Danish furniture designer Sebastian Jørgensen believes a piece of furniture is a success when it invites you to use it and does not require too much explanation. His natural bamboo designs feature lines that are at the same time severe and gentle. The surfaces are shaped with devotion to create simple, geometric forms, and a combination of ease and comfort stands out.

Paulo Ramunni

Working from his studio in a small village in Portugal's Douro Valley, Paulo Ramunni creates modern furnishings with a sculpted yet natural aesthetic. Both useful and handsome, each piece in his lighting, seating and table collections exudes an elegant simplicity balanced by purposeful functionality. You’ll find original chairs, side tables, sofas and decorative items ideal for home and public space.

TS Studio

TS Studio creates links for life. They believe in the timelessness of the present that embraces the past changing the future. Their signature incorporates color, simple lines, functionality and high quality. They appreciate the detail as those who appreciate art.

Ana Fonseca

Ana Fonseca believes in furniture pieces with balance. “It’s more than colors and bold forms, the pure design is functional and fits the needs” Recently her body of work includes designs for Two.Six..

See Ana Fonseca Collection

Simone Viola

With his keen eye for detail and unique design philosophy, Swiss-born Simone Viola’s designs are both high quality and generously accommodating. For Italian brand TOOU, he’s created two seating ranges, both with mid-century modern aesthetics, natural ergonomics, and versatile design. Taking inspiration from Hans Wegner’s iconic designs.

Mark Daniel

Chicago-based designer Mark Daniel studied architecture in Paris. In 2001, he founded Slate Design Ltd., an award-winning firm specializing in product design for both retailers and manufacturers. Daniel’s extensive portfolio with designs ranging from soup bowls to furniture, manufactured in a variety of materials such as veneered and solid wood, aluminum and steel. His goal is to create products that are affordable, functional and inspiring.

Amanda Ip

Australian-born designer Amanda Ip received her B.A. in industrial design at Carnegie Mellon University. Today she designs products for retailers and manufacturers including her furniture designs for M.A.D. Furniture. She recently won the Live/Work Design Contest sponsored by Dwell Magazine and Design Within Reach for her Innermix desk.

Mark Daniel

Chicago-based designer Mark Daniel studied architecture in Paris. In 2001, he founded Slate Design Ltd., an award-winning firm specializing in product design for both retailers and manufacturers. Daniel’s extensive portfolio with designs ranging from soup bowls to furniture, manufactured in a variety of materials such as veneered and solid wood, aluminum and steel. His goal is to create products that are affordable, functional and inspiring.

Alex Muspratt-Williams

Born in Hong Kong, designer Alex Muspratt-Williams studied product and furniture design in London, receiving first class honours. Since, he has gained 15 years of design experience working globally for some of the industry’s most desirable firms. Today, he designs and develops products and furniture for global brands including his furniture range for M.A.D. Furniture. He strives to create designs that are at once simple, desirable, and meaningful.

Alegre Design

Valencia-based Alegre Design is comprised of design duo Marcello Alegre and Andrés Baldoví. Since founding their studio in 2001, the pair have garnered numerous awards for their modern furniture designs including the Red Dot Award in 2012 and the Fx International ID Award in 2008. Highlighting their long list of brand collaborations is an upscale modern seating and occasional table range for B&V.


Design duo Esther Albert and Eduardo Alcón founded their firm, edeestudio, in 2008. For years, they’ve collaborated with Spanish furniture brand B&V to create a range of upscale modern furniture based on originality and elegance. Their designs include a striking range of modish sofas, lounge chairs, armchairs and occasional tables, each ideal for contemporary living spaces.

Mikko Laakkonen

Born in Espoo in 1974, today Mikko Laakkonen is an award-winning designer. First graduating as musical instrument maker, he went on to study furniture design, obtaining a master's degree from University of Art and Design Helsinki. In 2004, Laakkonen found his own studio, and now designs furniture for brands such as Dohaus.

Sezgin Aksu and Silvia Suardi

The design team of Sezgin Aksu and Silvia Suardi come together with diverse cultural backgrounds and training to create smart modern furnishings for today’s urban spaces. Their designs have won many awards including Red Dot Design Award, Design Turkey 2008, Good Design and Design USA Nominee 2008. Today, their furniture pieces can be found in the B & T Design collection.

Peter NG

After studying in Texas in early 1970s, designer Peter Ng returned to his native Hong Kong and threw himself into designing every waking hour. Since those days, Peter has spent the 30 years as an industrial design for various Asian firms and companies. By 2000, he was responsible for creating over 100 products and processes. Today, he designs for high quality LED lighting and products for Koncept. 

See Peter NG Collection
Bulend Ozden

Born in 1971, Bulend Ozden is both interior designer and furniture designer. He graduated in 1993 from Marmara University and has since worked as a designer at Architect Claudio NARDI’s Florence office. His furniture designs have won design awards including the Mobilva 96 Design Competition. In addition to projects for Dolce& Gabanna, Gian Franco Ferre, Valentino, he designs furniture for B & T Design.

Marc Sadler

French-born designer Marc Sadler works and lives in Italy today. He specializes in modern furniture made from plastic materials and the most current technologies. After years spent design plastic products for the sports and industrial sectors, Sadler currently designs for MetalMobil and other prominent furniture brands.

Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher

Having met as students, designers Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher created their studio and began offering design services to high level industries. Currently, they produce award-winning furniture for brands such as Kristalia.

See Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher Collection
Francesco Geraci

Crowned with success and international recognition, Francesco Geraci possessed a unique cultural background and sensitivity. His numerous creations play on themes of form, ideas, eras and materials. A highlight of his design portfolio is associated with furniture brand MetalMobil where he developed 11 unique seating collections.

See Francesco Geraci Collection
Enrico Franzolini

Graduating with architecture degee in 1979, Enrico Franzolini parallels his artistic work with his commitment to industrial architectural. He won his first award from Promosedia in 19912 for the Top Ten competition. In 1999, his Asia chair won the Compasso d’Oro prize. Today, he designs furniture for such prominent brands as MetalMobil.