In every modern home today, one must-have that will surely spruce up your space and serve as conversation starter is your modern lounge chair design. Indeed, this furniture has consistently evolved as early as 1900s. Perhaps one of the surprising facts in modern lounge chair’s history is that it is not an invention of the present where futuristic creations thrive. Simply put, this modern furniture is classic, timeless, innovative and bold – reminiscent of the past’s rich socio-economic history.


Genius masterpieces from the past

The modern lounge chair has a well-known history – if you are unfamiliar with furniture design lingo, you might assume that today’s pieces that grace modern homes are inventions of the present time. Amusing fact is that the modern lounge chair’s look and design was introduced as early as the 1900s. Among the first that created quite a stir in the early 1900s, and continues to be an inspiration to today’s established and up-and-coming designers is Eileen Gray’s Bibendum Chair. This iconic piece of art is the epitome of class, comfort and ingenious design. Needless to say, this ergonomically designed furniture brings aesthetic, function and style into newer and greater level; and inspires today’s designers in creating futuristic-looking, timeless pieces. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a piece of art that is not only pleasing and relaxing to the eye but also comfortable to lounge in?   

Modern classic lounge chair


Bibendum Chair, Eileen Gray


Another astounding design created in the early 1900s is Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair. Designed in 1925, the Wassily Chair is funky and artistic; and has paved the way for the consistent evolution of modern furniture today. Its clean designs and creative use of bent steel tubes and canvas give it its classic yet contemporary look that will never go out of style.

Modern classic lounge chair

Wassily Chair, Marcel Breuer


From the Bibendum Chair, astonishingly new designs came up from then on until the boom of the modern lounge chair’s popularity in the 1960s. Eero Saarinen, one of the world-renowned furniture designers, created the famous Womb Chair and ottoman, a classic piece that cradles and moulds into your body’s shape, making it one of the modern lounge chair designs that successfully married the concept of modernism and comfort. Its clean design perfectly complements large living space; a perfect nook furniture where you can read a book or play with your tablet all day. 


Modern classic lounge chair

Womb Chair and ottoman, Eero Saarinen


Florence Knoll’s Florence Chair is another timeless piece. This design has been undoubtedly famous with past and present furniture designers; you can almost always find it in modern offices and homes today. A clear favorite among beautiful homes that grace interior and furniture magazines today, this charming modern lounge chair is homey and welcoming without trying too hard. This gorgeous piece will make your space stand out; and your guests at home or in the office will never feel the nagging urge to leave their seats again. Moreover, it also creates more character and appeal to your humble abode. 

Modern classic lounge chair

Florence Chair, Florence Knoll


Another design that instantly gives you the impression of absolute comfort is George Nelson’s Coconut Chair. This breathtaking masterpiece with its coconut-shaped seat and modernist frame will wow you over and over again. Designed in the 1960s, this classic modern lounge chair agrees completely to your body’s shape and need – wouldn’t it be nice to be cocooned in a lovely chair after a long day at work?

Modern classic lounge chair

Coconut Chair, George Nelson


Not all modern lounge chairs created in the early 1900s up to 1950s are huge in design and created with layers of fabric. The Wishbone Chair by Hans Wagner and Jens Risom’s Risom Lounge Chair are classic examples of modern lounge chairs that do not take up a lot of space; and that can be used for indoors and outdoors. Both the Wishbone Chair and Risom Lounge Chair can be used as dining or side chairs. 


Modern classic lounge chair

Wishbone Chair, Hans Wagner and Jens Risom


Risom Lounge Chair, Jens Risom



Preserving the old and celebrating the new

Today’s top modern furniture designers are primarily influenced by the techniques, style and designs introduced a century ago. Just like classical music and art, the modern lounge chair has withstood the test of time, and has continued to surprise furniture enthusiasts with such futuristic designs and clever use of materials. What makes this fixture’s beauty ageless and enduring is the fact that these genius furniture designers and artists managed to preserve the richness and tradition of the old, while celebrating the new by using technology.

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