As one of the innovative and extremely talented designers of B & T Design, Tanju Ozelgin never fails to amaze us with his ingenious designs since he started his own design office, Scala, in 1987. Ozelgin has brought us the head-turning modern furniture sofa designs, Durgu and Morph; and has created several designs for B&T over the years, including Sini, Jest, Go Large and Yek

His vast experience in furniture design allowed him to venture into interior design as well. His foray into interior design, particularly the famed S House in Istanbul, Turkey, can be described in two simple words: STUNNING and BREATHTAKING.


The S House

The way in which Ozelgin designed the house reflects his innate capability to adapt to any environment, culture and style. Case in point:  his translation of the cosmopolitan tastes of the S house’s owner. What makes the interior design simply stand out is how the furniture, color and setting dynamically come together– while emphasizing the flow of light and giving an organic feel to the gorgeous home.

Clearly veering away from the traditional style of homes in Turkey, Ozelgin succeeded in creating an exemplary modern space, and more importantly, upping the ante and setting the standards in the country’s interior design style.

The sprawling 4,305 square foot space is never lacking; instead, amply huge. However, through Ozelgin’s clever design, the S House is neither cluttered with decorative pieces or furniture nor plighted with too much available space. Ozelgin’s design put high consideration on the structure of the house, masking it efficiently; and natural lighting, giving all the living spaces an airy, flowing and bright look.

Another design highlight of the S House is Ozelgin’s use of neutral colors and crisp white. These colors lend a Zen-like look to the space as well as make all the spaces brighter and larger. Ozelgin made the space even better because of his creative use of natural stone and wood surfaces, thereby making the S House simply grand.


How this living space is put together is a trademark of how creative Ozelgin is – and how he loves a simplistic and clean look. Mixing white and black sofas together amidst white and stone-tiled walls adds drama to the living area. Needless to say, the accent pieces he used complement the furniture and colors brilliantly.


The house’s foyer is, indeed, vast, bright and welcoming. Guests who  pass through this bare space will be surprised that accent pieces or furnishings are not needed to make this part of the house stand out. Additionally, the use of the stone-tiles and wood surfaces is enough for this space to stand out and look simply stunning.


A long dining table and chair grouping is in place, accented by a white rug, modern light fixtures and painting. The living area is truly elegant.


Consistent with the rest of the house’s design and style, the kitchen has impressive lighting fixtures and minimalist furniture.


The use of stone-tiles on the wall run from ceiling to floor as well as the stones or pebbles underneath the staircase add a Zen-like and very modern appeal to the house.


The S House’s bathroom is very inviting. Mirror covers one part of the wall and just across the modern bathtub. Bath furnishings add chutzpah to the bathroom as well.


A daybed plumped with assorted and colourful throw pillows is the highlight of the outdoor deck. The use of natural wood, artificial and natural lighting and minimalist furniture will make this room a favourite among guests.


The white walls, sheets and furniture make this bedroom look crisp, clean and relaxing. The horizontal artwork is a perfect anchor for the space.


The use of natural and artificial lighting of the S House makes it a standout among other modern homes. Case in point is the walk-in closet, which has ample space to let you do your fittings without bumping into furniture.


Guests would surely flock to the S House’s sauna/steam room. Ozelgin used natural wood and sliding glass doors--must-haves for a every luxury steam room.


To view more of Tanju Ozelgin’s S House visit Contemporist. To browse his modern furniture sofa designs visit

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