We're excited to introduce the full range of modern furniture from the award-winning designers of the Croatia-based design house, Prostoria. Inspiration for each of the brand's designs lie in the exploration of the way of life in a room and the personal stories of those who pass through and live in it. Through this unique approach, the emerging design teams of Prostoria realize a new and original relationship between person and object. A room is thus transformed into a stage on which life is acted out.  
Details are what allow individuals to stand out, and while Prostoria seating designs affirm this unique stamp of individuality, they also unify when people sit together. In addition to the advanced technology that allows for series production, there is a hyper-focus on the mastery of handmade craftsmanship in the precise execution of details. By focusing on creating a palette of different experiences of comfort-minded upholstered seating, whether when sitting or sleeping, Prostoria bases its advantage on the experience of its artisans in the production of each of the following design stories, all tailored to these principles.  

Within the Prostoria line, you'll discover a myriad of dynamic modern and contemporary sofas, loveseats, sofa beds, and armchairs you've not had access to until now. Each offered in an array of fine premium fabrics and leathers with solid wood and high quality metal frames and bases.

Cloud by Sanja Knezovic 
Cloud Collection requires additional surface softness and particular sitting comfort. Therefore, each seat cushion is composed of up to 12 feather-filled stitched cases in order to achieve a long lasting and uniform distribution of feathers throughout the entire surface area. The range hails from a family of modular sofas offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space. Its morphology makes Cloud ideal for the furnishing of larger spaces.
Match by Sanja Knezovic 
Match morphology is defined by the simple basic lines of a somewhat lower armchair and an elevated armrest. While the cold foam fills its complete volume with sufficient firmness for comfortable sitting, a cover made natural materials furthers the experience of comfort and relaxation. Match’s dimensions go hand-in-hand with the needs of diverse groups of users, who can choose between two different widths and depths of the module.
Revolve by Numen/Foruse + Bratovis&Borovnjak 
Revolve is a multifunctional sofa that unites your seating and sleeping needs. Its design can make a grand statement in a room, and transform sitting into sleeping with just a single smooth rotation of 180 degrees. Revolve offers optimal sleeping quality while its padding resembles freestanding mattresses, made of high resilience foam. It thereby provides equal quality of your sleep on the entirety of the surface – whether in the middle or on the sides. Revolve’s dynamic shape and dual function make it equally desirable for use in homes, offices and secondary residences. Revolve is the recipient of the RED DOT Award for product design 2012, with which the international jury recognized not only the sofa’s functionality, practicality and exceptional aesthetics, but also KVADRA’S outstanding production. 

3angle by Grupa
3angle brings a different perspective to conventional sofa forms. Its fragmented armrests resemble the line of a human arm folded at the elbow, thus creating an almost crystal form. Its rigorous geometry is softened with padding, merging the firmness and the gentleness of sitting comfort. 3angle is an inviting and convivial haven for a relaxed and informal way of sitting. It is a sofa that hugs.
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