Not everyone is lucky to have ample space at home or office – and if you are one of those who have very limited space or choose small space living, then you need to find small apartment ideas that will surely fit your lifestyle and personality. Creating a relaxing abode sans the abundance of space can be quite tricky and challenging. But, you can now find great ideas on maximizing your space and living a clutter-free life despite the usual challenges that come with mini-apartments.

One noteworthy modern apartment that defies the notion that tiny spaces are cluttered and unliveable is the East Village Studio in New York designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. This tiny studio is cleverly designed to integrate main parts of a traditional home and even sparing a space or two for ample body movement. The team managed to successfully incorporate the kitchen, living space, bathroom and bedroom in under 500 square feet.

It may sound impossible at first to transform the space into something that’s clutter-free, airy and comfortable, especially since the studio owner needs a home office and owns many toys and art pieces. So, the team must get rid of the clutter, provide lots of storage, and create an intricately sculpted wood-paneled central service core. The furniture used is minimal and highly functional; and natural tones give it a streamline and sleek look. 

Let’s take a look at how this mini-apartment has been transformed:

The wood-paneled central service core makes this limited space work. The natural wood colors and white walls go well together, giving the space a clean and comfy look.

A staircase that also functions as a clothes drawer is much better alternative for small space owners who can’t afford to have a huge closet.

Minimalist design style can indeed make your space look bigger than it actually is. Use white and neutral colors, and don’t forget to decorate sparsely!

This view from the loft bedroom shows the minimalist layout of the room, allowing more space for body movement and entertaining, too.

Use custom-loft bed and wood panels that also serve as storage for a clutter-free bedroom.

Find a built-in workspace customized to your space’s size, and make sure that your work stuff are organized in hidden storages.

Highly equipped kitchen is integrated in the wood-paneled central service core.

Appropriate-sized kitchen equipment are used and ample wood storage make this a very efficient space.

A minimalist and sleek toilet and bath is a must for a mini-apartment. Gray and white tones make this room sophisticated.


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