Beautiful coffee tables like the curvaceous Libra Table by Kubikoff can be used to bring eye appeal and functionality to both the living room and the meeting room. The Libra Coffee Table combines a sleek stylish look with irresistible design curves. 

This 39-inch round coffee table crafted from high quality cast aluminum polished to a mirror finish is topped with ½ inch tempered glass. From Dutch designer Claus Bertram, the Libra is an intriguing concept because of its sculptural base formed by fitting together a trio of identical pieces to form one continuous or endless curved element. It’s an appealing design in its simplicity, yet complex to the eye.

The Libra Coffee Table can easily become the focal point of your modern space. Ideally suited to the living room where it can be surrounded by a sleek sofa and iconic modern chairs or perhaps new armchairs selected from the offerings of today’s brilliant emerging or established designers on 212Concept. 

Alternatively, the Libra would fit beautifully into the sitting area of a glamorous modern master bedroom. Think curved loveseat and a pair of acrylic stools topped with white faux fur cushions.

What design vision do you have for this appealing coffee table with endless curves? 

Shop the Libra Coffee Table by Kubikoff on 212Concept.

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