New! A Trio of Modern Chairs via Kubikoff Lab

Whilst made in Italy, the Lugano Chair makes a striking addition to Scand-modern interiors. It deep seat pocket and waterfall seat edge make for hours of seated comfort for dining room or office. The chair is made with a poly shell produced of eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Choose from white or black shell, both with solid Oak base.

The Como Chair offers clean, simple lines sculpted into a comfortable form to cradle the body. Available in white or black, the chair’s color is permeated through the material to allow for vibrancy for years to come.



Kubikoff Lab’s Monza Chair is an authentic chair based on one of the most iconic designs of the past century. The chair’s poly shell features a deep pocket seat and waterfall seat edge for comfort. This eco-friendly side chair comes in black or white color options. Ideal for the modern dining room of office.

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