Inspired by the light, climate, joy and vitality of the Nordic-influenced region of Murcia, Spain, designers Pilar Larrotcha and Sonia de la Iglesia of the Paparajote Factory create charming ranges of handmade pillows and cushions for the home.

The talented duo's backgrounds in graphic design and illustration give their textile products a decidedly contemporary edge ideal for today’s modern interiors. Their whimsically-shaped throw pillows of clouds, hearts and mountains are perfect for a child’s room or modern nursery. While their personable 'Mr. & Mrs.' range features quirky female and male faces characterized by names such as Sebastian, Valentina and Evaristo.

Dedicated to the local economy and industry, each piece is created wholly within the Murcia region, from recycling locally-found textiles to design to production, which is carried out by professional seamstresses in local workshops. Their mission is to preserve the past and value the future by creating lasting objects with care from the best quality materials.  

Extra large and uber-comfy, the Cloud Puff XXL is ideal for kids of all ages 0 to 99. 

Mr. & Mrs. Cushions boast a quirky persona perfect to bring character to the living room sofa or contemporary bedroom.

Equis Cushion and Vinyl Circle Cushion are sure to be spot-on fabulous in your modern interiors. 

House Cushion, a playful accent for the modern playroom or kids bedroom. 

The handcrafted detailing of the Tree Pillow is exquisite. 

The Hydra Collection was inspired by the unique pavements found in Mediterranean houses.

Tu & Yo Pillows offer a graphic duo perfect as living room toss pillows. 

Back to the Nest Collection is full of exciting geometric shapes and inviting colors. 


Shop the full Paparajote Factory collection on 212Concept for more fun, modern pillow and cushion styles

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