Some find it only natural to bring their love of outdoors into their own homes – allocating a space, no matter the size, for their patio and garden. If you’re the type, sprucing up your outdoor space will be a breeze. After all, you know what you’re looking for – quality, function, beauty and sturdiness. But for others, picking the right type of modern outdoor furniture may get a bit complex.

No matter how much space you have in your patio, designing it with the right furniture is a must. Whether you plan to spend a time or two lounging in your outdoor space every day, or just use it occasionally, it’s best to buy furniture that will suit your needs. Of course, you don’t want to splurge on a piece that will not actually serve your purpose and satisfy your aesthetic standards.

What makes good outdoor furniture?

It’s important that you consider some factors before buying ill-fitting outdoor furniture. Remember, your patio is an extension of your home. And you know for a fact that you don’t want to ruin your interiors with plain and boring outdoor furniture just because you don’t have the time to really think about what you want. Or worse, that you think they are all the same. The primary thing that you have to figure out is how often you will be using your outdoor furniture. This is specifically important in cold countries. Admit it, your outdoor furniture have to weather heat, cold, rains and snow. Resistance to ever-changing weather is one of the factors that you need to consider. Thus, quality should be your focus.


If you are looking at spending more of your time outdoors, marveling at your garden, then get sets that boast of quality and comfort. Apart from style and function, you also don’t want to cramp your space with unwanted fixtures. If you need to maximize your small space, your outdoor sets should be smart and space-savers.

Moreover, if you are thinking of throwing parties or receiving your guests outdoors, a couple of sets, even mismatched ones, are handy for this purpose. If you want to go all out with your space, you can find accent furniture such as parasols, awnings, hammocks and hanging chairs. While it’s true that you basically need tables, chairs, stools or umbrellas to complete your garden, and that these are easily available in any home and garden stores; still, it is crucial that you find good and reliable furniture that will also speak of your personality. Furniture designers today make sure that you can own pieces that will suit your lifestyle and needs. So, finding furniture with the characteristics mentioned above is as easy as the cool breeze that you so love with your outdoor space.


Papatya: tried and tested, quality outdoor furniture

Today, you can find ingenious designs of outdoor furniture, combining quality, beauty and function. One of the best outdoor furniture today is Papatya, a family business that started in Turkey in 1945. It has been designing gorgeous indoor and outdoor furniture for over 25 years, thus, making it as the reference point in furniture market. If you are looking for bright, fun-looking, inspiring, beautiful patio chairs, armchairs, bar stools and tables that will complement your vibrant personality, as well as your home’s cosy interiors, Papatya is the right and best furniture for your outdoor space. Not only do they create their pieces with astounding and stylish designs, they primarily make it a point to manufacture ergonomically comfortable furniture that will make you want to never leave your patio and garden ever.


Designed to make the outdoors irresistible

Papatya’s outdoor collection brings quality and fine furniture to the next level. The company prides itself of keeping up with the latest trends and technology in furniture designs – resulting to world-class modern furniture and cementing its place in the industry. Papatya invests in research and development, and is always set to use new materials and technology to further improve their craftsmanship. Truly, this practice emphasizes more the family trait that is evident on every Papatya design – rich with heritage, experience and innovation.

The designs are based on inventiveness, creativity, quality, functionality, resistance and research and development. Their pieces are made in polycarbonate, polypropylene, metal and wood materials. They also make sure that their furniture will stand the test of time – and weather. Truly, these qualities make Papatya one of the leading outdoor furniture companies today.

On its fifth year in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile this April 9-14, 2013, visitors will see the latest in Papatya collection. Be sure to drop by Papatya’s display area in the trade fair and be floored by its striking patio and garden must-haves.

Browse Papatya’s collection on 212Concept.


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