PA.HE.KO Accent Furniture by Simone Viola

Cross referencing well-known shapes, these modern accent pieces by Simone Viola are free to be whatever you choose them to be. Whether as bedside table, sofa end table or accent stool, the designer has left it up to you to purpose these pieces as you please. The Paheko collection is based on the Maori word meaning “combination”.

The collection includes three styles the PA, HE, and KO, each piece is made from polypropylene in white or black to suit a myriad of styles.

The PA stool/table can be positioned in two ways to suit your purpose whether as side table perched beside a lounge chair or holding a lamp by the bed. Chose from black or white versions shown above. 

Whether perched with up or down, you'll love the look and function of this modern side table/ stool. Place several KO alongside the kitchen counter island for stylish seating. 

The HE stool/table features a striking stripe on its midsection and a shapely silhouette. This modern furniture is designed by Simone Viola for TOOU. 

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