Among the most popular design styles, Modern style places emphasis on simplicity in relation to function. It caters streamlined modern furniture pieces with a high regard to form. It is removed from highly ornamented designs of the past yet maintains a classical elegance. This is very much evident in the forms of modern décor popularized in today’s homes and public spaces.



Modern style can be traced back to the early 1930’s from Bauhaus, a German school of design, architecture and applied arts. Equally influential to this design style is the Scandinavian style which is also known for its sleek lines, neutral palettes and high quality craftsmanship. Additionally, the modern art movement played a major role in the birth of modern style. It was an era when Impressionist painters experimented with abstract forms. It is was also the result of the emergence of decorative arts, specifically the Art Deco Style.


“Less is more” is the moniker popularized by this period of style. It encompasses lesser details yet exudes more elegance. It showcases modern furniture pieces that are less in form but more in function, economy and comfort. This style is characterized by the combination of rigid and sensuous lines. It generally conveys a sleek, smooth and polished design like those iconic furniture pieces: the Barcelona chair, Tulip Chair, Panton chair, Eames Lounge chair and so much more.


Modern style was the 'Golden Age' for the forward-thinking artists and designers of this time. Most of them have together with their designed pieces have become household-names. To name a few: Mies Van de Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Minimalism and simplicity are the hallmarks of this timeless style.


 Simple, modular, functional modern furniture pieces were introduced by world’s renowned modern designers. Economy has found its place in this period when modern furniture pieces are mass produced yet still hold high regard to quality.


The union of exterior and interior is evident by the use of large picture windows and open floor plans. The focal point is a must-have in a modern style interiors. Furniture takes the center stage appearing as sculptural pieces highlighted by the white or neutral-colored background. Modern décor possesses unique striking characteristics to achieve an artistic statement.


Today, modern style has given way to the massive use of leather, chrome, stainless steel, glass and plastic as primary materials for the modern furniture pieces. These materials help achieve the sleek, smooth polished look.


Modern style is also characterized through neutral color palettes with white as the primary color. Incorporation of splashes of color throughout the modern décor creates a dramatic effect many homeowners are looking to achieve. Modern décor includes sunburst mirror, noticeable pendant lights, free-formed vases, abstract wall art and other modern furnishings.

Modern style is simply timeless.

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