Dna Out Bench



DNA Out: the all-steel version of the bench that has become an iconic piece of the True collection, designed by Leonardo Rossano and Debora Mansur. The lightness of the steel sheet and the absence of joints on the seat embrace the sense of spatial continuity of this product, which is much more than a bench: an object in space. Like the indoor version, Dna Out is also based on the potentially infinite repetition of a single modular element. Available in different colors and finishes, it is suitable for furnishing a variety of spaces, not only outdoors.

  • Metal bench with laser-cut and cold-bent monolithic support elements.
  • The bench is galvanised and painted.
  • DN 3000 OUT: 3 Seater 67"w | 18.9"d | 18.1"h
  • DN 4000 OUT: 4 Seater 88.6"w | 18.9"d | 18.1"h
  • DN 5000 OUT: 5 Seater 110.2"w | 18.9"d | 18.1"h
  • DN 6000 OUT: 6 Seater 129.9"w | 18.9"d | 18.1"h
  • DN 7000 OUT: 7 Seater 151.2"w | 18.9"d | 18.1"h

Please see the datasheet for more details.

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