Jest Modular Shelf System



This ingenious shelf system allows for DIY flexibility whilst fully retaining its superior professional design. The Jest Shelves consists of a capacious frame with numerous openings and an individual library of MDF boxes to insert for desired pattern. The boxes come in lacquer paint or natural veneer, frame in static white or black paint. Place on a long wall or in the midst of an open space as room divider. Ideal for displaying coveted collectibles or beloved books.
Estimated Lead Time: 7 to 9 weeks
    • Static painted aluminum structures in white or black
    • Consists of lacquered or natural veneered MDF changeable boxes
    • Offered in 2 different size options
    • Glass shelves can be offered in clear or dark color options
    • Can be special ordered for additional color options
    • Please contact us for box placement and quantities
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  • Regular Size: 65.7"W | 16.1"D | 66.1"H

        • Large Size: 82.3"W | 16.1"D | 66.1"H

      Download Data Sheet PDF
      Tanju OzelginTanju Ozelgin (1962),
      Turkish-born, furniture designer Tanju Ozelgin began his creative career at Marmara University in Istanbul where he graduated from the Department of Industrial Products Design. In 1987, he set up shop under his first brand, Office Scala Design. Almost ten years later, Tanju was discovered by Erte Binme's Parlak Kirmizi who encouraged him to focus on industrial designs and architectural products.

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