Hella Desk Shelf



Small elements with many functions are combined and adapted to meet different needs. At the heart of the project is the desk, a minimal space that expands in use and is part of a small system characterized by the shallow depth on the wall.

The tip-up system of the table top is simple and follows the natural flow of the movement, with no need of complex mechanisms. The shelf can be equipped with a LED stripe and charging USB and UNEL power outlets.

  • Shelf made of 3mm laser cut and varnished aluminium.
  • Folding top in solid wood and veneered MDF, ashwood, oakwood, dark oakwood and walnut finish, equipped with teflon rotation supports and magnetic closing system.
  • Integrated led lighting with touch switch control. 2 slots for power outlet, usb recharge and bluetooth speaker.


Aluminum Frame

  • HE T090: 8.7"-20.9" D | 35.4" W | 16.3" H 
  • HE 1030: 8.7" D | 11.8" W | 16.3" H 
  • HE 1060: 8.7" D | 23.6" W | 16.3" H 
  • HE 1060: 8.1" D | 4.7" W | 8.1" H 

Please see the datasheet for more details.

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