Patch Pendant Acoustic Fabric Panels



A collection of sound-absorbing dividing panels able to guarantee privacy without isolating from the surrounding environment. The self-supporting structure allows the integration of individual elements that can rotate freely on themselves, opening and closing as required. The module, in addition to ensuring acoustic comfort, is suitable for rhythming and furnishing workplaces, open spaces, hotel lounges, but also private homes.

  • The single panel is composed by a multilayer sheet of polyester and textile installed on a steel tube.
  • Steel plate base for the free-standing version, metal rail for the ceiling hanging version.
  • Suspended version suitable for different types of ceilings, for tightness and weights consult an installer's assessment.
  • Minimum footprint of 16cm for beam and anchoring system.
  • PA H007 acoustic panel module for ceilings: 85.4" H
  • PA H008 acoustic panel module for ceilings between 98.4"/110.2": 96.9" H
  • PA H009 acoustic panel module for ceilings between 110.2"/118.1": 108.3" H
  • PA H010 acoustic panel module for ceilings between 122"/130": 119.7" H

Please see the datasheet for more details.

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