E-quo Table



A new, unusual and hybrid item with clean lines and an essential shape: a multiple seat product, halfway between a bench for seating and a fence for leaning for a short recharge break. With compact dimensions and a vertical development up to 60 cm, E-QUO is equipped with electrical wiring and USB ports suitable for all electronic devices; created for a temporary stop in a semi-erect position allows you to recharge your laptop and tablet providing a point of support to write a quick note, make a phone call or navigate comfortably from your device.

  • Multilayer beechwood bench installed on steel beam and legs, covered with solid ashwood or oakwood.
  • Table top made of MDF covered with ashwood veneer, solid wood edges, installed on a steel beam fixed to solid wood legs.
  • EQ T095 Table: Inches 78.7w | 19.7d | 39.4h
  • EQ T097 Table: Inches 78.7w | 27.6d | 39.4h

Please see the datasheet for more details.

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