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TA Armchair Upholstered | © By Simone Viola

ER Base (Metal) / YI Base (Wood)

Certain objects retain their shape, almost unchanged, in time, and design can but interpret and refine their archetype. It happens with everyday objects, used so often that their shape becomes obvious: a fork, a plate, a chair. The shape reflects its use and its aesthetics can never be compromised. This has always been the guideline for our design: a flowing design triggered directly by natural ergonomics. Ta, monosyllabic sound, as simple as the first word of a child, in Chinese, means both him or her, exactly the same, human identity regardless of gender, universal. And the chair is, in fact, a human object, molded around its use. It traces the profile of the body, eating or working at the table. It allows a resting position, halfway between a state of wakefulness and sleep, moments spent waiting or enjoying company. Available in a wide variety of solutions, its strength lies in this flexibility. Three solid, flowing and sinuous shells for completion with five curved metal tubular bases with wooden elements, characterized by essential design. The range of colors proposed reflects a contemporary taste, with the possibility to add seat pads to the shells, making it possible to create numerous customized combinations.

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Can be shipped within the EU Countries
    • Components: Extremely sturdy PP/fibeglass inner shell lightly padded and upholstered flawlessly.  
    • Steel Base: Black and Chrome.
    • Wood Base: Ash wood Natural and Black Stained.
    • In addition to standard in stock fabric/vinyl option, COM/COL orders are acceptable.
    • Suitable for: Dining / Cafe / Restaurant / Meeting rooms / Conference
    • 32.5" H x 23" W x 22.5" D 
    • Seat height: 18.5"

Simone Viola
Born in Switzerland in 1985, Simone Viola got his industrial design training in Milan and went on to gain experience in his native country and abroad. Once founding his design studio in 2011, he focused on furniture and accessory design projects. Through his own unique design philosophy, he creates furniture pieces with soft, natural elegant shapes and a keen attention to detail. His JOI and TA seating collections are made by Italian brand TOOU.
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