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Fly Coffee and Side Tables | © By Alp Nuhoglu

Clean, minimal, very sturdy modern coffee table by Alp Nuhoglu. Fly table would blend in any type of environment easily. Compact table tops have natural wood veneer, many laminate finishes, and lacquer paint. The legs have been formed from tubular solid steel. The base can be painted in customers’ choice of color as per RAL catalog. If you are in search of a coffee or side table that combines warmness and coziness of the wood and modern and industrial impact of the metal; Fly will be a good companion. Fly; great selection for hotels, lobbies, break-out rooms as well as modern design-focused homes. Metal bending reveals the elegance of the geometric and linear structure of the feet. The fineness of the tabletop allows the product to be visually delicate while actually it is very sturdy. Circular, elliptical, and rectangular tabletops can be walnut, oak, and black stained oak as well as lacquer colors as per B&T Design’s lacquer colors catalog. Melamine top is also possible in many different colors. The base can be produced with polished and chrome, as well as with colors from B & T static paint catalog. There are several different sizes and several different height options offered beside the Fly center coffee table. With its contemporary design Fly tables can be matched with almost any B&T Design seating units.

Estimated Lead Time: 7 - 9 Weeks
    • Center coffee table and side table options.
    • The base is available in chrome or painted in the color of customers' choice.
    • Wood, laminate, lacquer table top options.
    • Available in Round, Oval, Rectangular, Square top options.
    • Can be special ordered for additional color options
    • Suitable for both residential and commercial use

Please see : Data Sheet

  • High: 18" x 21"h
  • Medium: 22" x 18"h
  • Low: 35.5" x 14.5"h
B&T Design Team (2004),
The innovative furniture and materials that provoke the emergence of the new designs are the main determining factor for the B&T Design team’s motivation and productivity. B&T Design team has adopted the concept of the ideal that favors the “quality product” rather than the “best selling product” while creating the beneficial relationship between the designer and the buyer.

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