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By Toou Design

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Although the name refers to the considerable thickness of the top, the object sports at the same time an unexpectedly light weight and ease of handling, thanks to a clever use of materials. The gently sketched-out base is a testament to TOOU’s renewed commitment to pay greater attention to the environment since it is made of eco-plastic, a compound of recycled organic waste materials with an extremely low environmental impact. The sober, refined colors of both the top and the thin closing base, in black and dark brown, match perfectly with the vibrant textures of the eco-plastic body, available in two natural shades: Eco white and Eco light brown. We consider Thick Top as a first, important step towards an increasingly eco-conscious design with the lightest possible impact on our Earth.

  Estimated Lead Time: 8 to 10 Weeks

 Can be shipped within the EU Countries

    • 85% Polypropylene / 15% Fiberglass Shell
    • Available in 3 different color options.
    • UV resistant. Color will not fade under sun.
    • Indoor / outdoor. Pads for indoor use only

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Tech Data
        • Dimensions: 19"R | 14"H
Thick Top Low dimensions
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Thick top Low color palette


Simone Viola
Born in Switzerland in 1985, Simone Viola got his industrial design training in Milan and went on to gain experience in his native country and abroad. Once founding his design studio in 2011, he focused on furniture and accessory design projects. Through his own unique design philosophy, he creates furniture pieces with soft, natural elegant shapes and a keen attention to detail. His JOI and TA seating collections are made by Italian brand TOOU.
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