Artists and collectors alike seem to have one common goal in the art world: globalization. Local artists, and even emerging ones, struggle to make their art works known and accepted globally. While they content themselves with getting the loyalties of their local market, it cannot be denied that international recognition will bring more sales and greater appreciation of their art. More so, collectors and art enthusiasts will benefit from learning of up-and-coming Turkish artists who are worth the monetary investment and time.

As with many creative hotspots around the world, Istanbul boasts a bevy of talented artists brimming with ingenious creativity, waiting to be known globally. This year’s Contemporary Istanbul, an art fair that aims to bring in galleries outside the region for globalization efforts, was indeed a success.

Top galleries such as New York’s Marlborough Gallery, London’s Andipa Gallery, Berlin’s Galerie Michael Schultz, Madrid’s Galeria Javier Lopez, and Galerie Lelong from Paris are part of the fair – proof that they certainly see lots of potential from the local artists and local collectors as well.

Inviting these galleries to be part of the fair might pose a threat to the local scene – world-renowned artists might overshadow the talents of the Turkish artists. But, this wasn’t the case, really. In fact, based on the happy smiles of gallery representatives representing local artists, everything went very well. Sales were good; all were educated about the gems of the country; and non-Turkish collectors got themselves busy buying stunning masterpieces from Turkish artists.

Let us take a look at some of the hottest Turkish artists today:

Fire (Brand) 2010 by Ramazan Bayrakoglu

Ramazan Bayrakoglu

Popularly known for his first name, Ramazan, he is widely lauded for his incredible talent in installation and contemporary art. He was born in Balikesir in 1966. In 1989, he graduated from the Painting Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylul University. He worked as a research assistant before he became an assistant professor. Ramazan already had four solo exhibitions in Turkey. His works can be found in Istanbul Modern Museum and Proje 4L Contemporary Museum among others.

Opening Doors to the Sun by Ahmet Gunestekin

Ahmet Gunestekin

Painter Ahmet Gunestekin’s artworks are visually stimulating. This artist, who was born in Batman in 1966, started painting at such a tender age of six. At the age of nine, he won an award for his exemplary work. His first exhibition happened in 1982. He graduated from the School of Business Administration of Eskisehir University. He had over 80 solo and group exhibitions.

Tenterhooks by Gulay Semercioglu

Gulay Semercioglu

Gulay’s tremendous talent in intricately weaving thin aluminium wires is breathtaking. Her works looked like paintings from afar – a closer inspection would reveal wires woven artistically. She was born in Istanbul in 1968, and earned her BA from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting in 1994. By 1998, she already completed her MA from Mimar Sinan University Institute of Social Science. Gulay had nine solo exhibitions, and numerous group exhibitions. She is currently an instructor at Isik University of Fine Arts.   

Hairy Tale by Kezban Arca Batibeki

Kezban Arca Batibeki

This no-ordinary woman from Turkey is one artist that successfully portrays Istanbul women through her art. Her creations represent her feministic ideas about women’s lives in Turkey. Her acrylic based media and embroidery with sequins on canvas clearly show that there’s depth and poignant character within the perceptive artist. She graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Arts Department of Istanbul Marmara University in 1980. As early as 1988, she has been joining solo and group exhibitions in Istanbul, Qatar, Moscow and New York. 

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