Creating a space that is your refuge after a long day at work is anyone’s dream. After all, nobody wants to go home to a cluttered or dull space that will make relaxation quite impossible. Admittedly, we all want our homes to look like the ones we find in shelter magazines – those that look well-put together, liveable, cozy, inviting and downright homey.

When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us have an idea of what we would like them to look like, however, implementing those visualizations can be another thing entirely. Fortunately, an interior designer can take those images and help make them a reality. As well, a professional can help in the decorating and design process in a myriad of other ways.

  1. Interior Designers can save you money AND time.  Yes, you will pay them. And yes, this is an added cost to your home designing project. But, contrary to popular belief that only the rich can and should get a pro to dress up their space, budget-minded individuals should seriously consider getting a pro’s help as well. One popular interior designer and blogger, Jenna of SasInteriors ( seconds this myth-buster. She guarantees that the decision to go to a design pro is time and money saver.

    So, how can they save you money and time? They can help you save money because they will be able to concisely plan your space – no unnecessary paint, equipment, material, furniture, decorating pieces here. How many times have you lost money on decorating pieces, furniture or even paint that doesn’t go well together? And as for the time that you will be able to save? The pros can bring you samples or images of what they can put together for your space. You don’t have to go scour the net and visit showrooms for the perfect furniture, decors, and accessories.  In short, time saved is money saved, too.
  1. Professional assessment of your home. Yes, everyone can be creative. We can all think out of the box to a certain extent. But, many interior designers have years of training and experience behind them –making their assessment of your space, needs, wants and even budget better managed by them.

    Michelle Cortizo of Cortizo Interiors, who was interviewed by Freshome about the benefits of hiring an interior designer, emphasizes that pros have been trained to see and notice things that other people don’t.

    Simply put, while you can “copy” decorating ideas from magazines and catalogues, nothing beats the professional assessment of an experienced interior designer. You don’t have to worry about creating a space that tries too hard, or looks pretentious. Instead, the interior designer will seriously consider your personality and lifestyle in creating a space that you can call your own.
  1. Interior designers act as your project manager. If you’re building your dream home or humble abode, your interior designer can work closely with your engineer and architect, ensuring that design elements you favor are in place and put into consideration. Love a high-ceiling in the living room? The lighting and furniture placement are important and that’s where professional interior designers come in. In short, from start to finish, they can deliver what’s expected of them and even more.
  1. Designers are your contacts and liaisons with resources that are not typically available or known to you. Looking for suppliers that will give you the best deal is, indeed, challenging. In fact, some suppliers only give access to their products to professionals such as interior designers and decorators. Hard-to-find tiles, cabinetry materials, accent pieces and the like can be found by the pros – and they can even ask their partner suppliers to give you better prices. Besides, you will save tons of time and money looking for stores that can give you what you want – and managing your list (doing comparative analysis and all) is time-consuming. Leave it to the pros, and you will go unscathed and headache-free sans bargain hunting for the best furniture and materials.
  1. Put aesthetics and function first and foremost. Interior designers will know how to maximize your space and make it speak of your personality. They can give depth and character to your space, too. Aside from making your space look stunning, they also make sure that every element of the design is functional.
  1. Designers can work with the things that you already have. You don’t need to buy new furniture and decorating pieces. After all, completely replacing all your stuff is quite impractical and costly. Good interior designers can repurpose your furniture and decorating pieces. Indeed, they can work with what you already have and work within your budget.

Interior designers will ultimately save you time, money and hardship when it comes to creating the dream home you’ve always wanted.


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