Modern Dining Spaces ft. Kristalia

We love the way Kristalia’s modern furniture range amps the beauty and comfort in both residential and commercial dining spaces. Their uber-talented team of top designers begins each piece based on fine Italian form and function, then adds a creative twist oft-inspired by the sports and fashion fields. Below we’ve curated a collection of fabulous dining spaces featuring Kristalia’s dining side chairs and armchairs. Prepare to be inspired!

The modern dining room above boasts a seductive vibe with a luxe glam undercurrent. The Compas Stackable Chair by Patrick Norguet is all about contrasting edges and curves. The black modern side chair pops against the room's pristine white elements. 

This mid-century modern dining room exudes an organic vibe with wood and stone elements. The Elephant Wood Base Chair by Neuland Paster & Geldmacher has a poly shell that adds a mod touch to the space. 

The Elephant Wood Base Chair takes up residence on the terrace offering an inviting al fresco dining spot.

The white shell and base of the Elephant Slide Base Armchair appear fresh and crisp set against the rich wood of this minimalist dining room's furnishings and floors. 

Monica Graffeo's Boum Swivel Disc Base Chair dressed in navy and white with chrome base offers a cool retro vibe to this reserved mid-century dining space. 

The Boum Four Leg Chair melds perfectly with this pristine white modern kitchen. 

This desert-inspired dining room gets a boost of minimalist modern style from the Rama Four Leg Chair by Ramos-Bassols.

The Cantilever Chair by Christophe Pillet has a molded form that hugs the body, perfect for offsetting the raw edginess of this industrial setting. 

The Cantilever Chair by Christophe Pillet brings a modern edge to this inviting nature-filled outdoor dining space. 

Dressed in brilliant red, the Slim Leather Chair pops with vivid color and class in the Enzo Bar Restaurant in Edinburgh U.K. 

Echoing the comforts of home, this Coffee Bar Stain in Kaohsiung, Taiwan gets an added boost of mod beauty and relaxed seating with the Elephant Slide Armchair. 

A perfect pairing of curves and edges, the Elephant Slide Base Outdoor and Mem Outdoor Armchair mix it up in this outdoor dining space at Astrup Fearnley Museet, Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo, Norway.

Check out all of these designer dining chairs and many others in the Kristalia Seating Collection on 

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