Kloof Road House by Nico van der Meulen

We recently discovered this incredible modern home, a.k.a. Kloof Road House, through Kristalia. Their seating designs were sourced by M Square Lifestyle Design for the home's dining room, kitchen bar, and outdoor dining spaces. The design firm was tasked with translating the home's architectural concept by Nico van der Meulen into its interior and outdoor living spaces. Discover M Square's work below, along with Kristalia's seating appointments. 

The house's indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected through expansive glass folding doors. An voluminous open plan living room, dining room, kitchen and lanai seamlessly merge one area into another, all anchored by the concrete floor expanding throughout. 

The serene dining room offers ample dining space for daily dining and special occasions with large groups. The calm colors and concrete floor allow the dining area to seamlessly flow into the kitchen and living space,

M Square Lifestyle Necessities sourced the BCN Slide Stool by Harry & Camila from Kristalia. These ergonomic barstools were created to maximize comfort, whilst exploring the use of uncommon materials to create furniture. Made from PBT, a plastic normally used for electronic insulation, these barstools are very strong and resistant to both solvents and heat. In addition to strength and comfort, the BCN stool has an innovation seat design with serpentine shape seat.

Other Kristalia sourced seating can be found on the home's lanai. Shown here situated around an expansive dining table, the Plana Chair by LucidiPevere delivers the beauty of cutting edge Italian design with optimal comfort and function. This stackable side chair has a geometric shape and easily moved about or stored.

 For more information on the Kloof Road House, visit Nico van der Meulen's website. To discover and shop modern furniture designs from Kristalia visit 212Concept.com.


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