If the term ‘library’ conjures visuals of a traditional, old-fashioned cramped space with thick draperies, massive mahogany tables, classic leather armchairs and dark wood bookshelves – then you’ve not seen the new breed of tome-friendly spaces being created.

Today’s modern home libraries clearly differ from their traditional counterparts. You’ll find spaces filled with streaming light and minimalist yet comfort-minded designer contemporary furniture situated in large open spaces.

Below we’ve collected eight amazing book-worthy modern home libraries to inspire. 

Even if you think that you don’t have enough space in your home for a library, well, think again. The key here is to think out of the box, and maximize your space well. This is not the usual one that we have in mind of a traditional home library – minimalist, not rigid, not formal, and yet, very inviting. The bookshelves propped on the wall against the staircase are a clever take on minimalism and getting the most out of your space. And what makes this space cozy is the modern armchair underneath the staircase. 

It looks like something from a sci-fi movie, right? This library is, simply put, surreal. The circular orientation of the space is ingenious. But, the focal point, of course is the lone chair in the middle, inviting you to take a minute of your busy time and just read a good book. 

Why not create a library where you can take a refuge after a long day of hard work? This library, clearly, has it all. Its two-level design is a dream come true for those with tons of books and videos. More importantly, the glass walls allow the natural light to come in, making this a bright yet relaxing nook for a quick read or a bit of R & R.

This jaw-dropping home library is a textbook sample of minimalist design. The white modern lounge chairs, walls and floors are stunning. The white bookshelves are, needless to say, vast without overwhelming the senses. 

If you can only allocate a small area in your home for a library, this room might pique your interest. The no-nonsense interior design is comfortable, welcoming, and very contemporary with a funky edge. The custard-colored shelves in the middle of the bookshelves add color to the space, lending a fun and quirky look. The modern lounge chair and coffee table blend well with the dark-colored bookshelves, white walls and wooden flooring. Although there are dark colors involved, you can see that the space is actually well-lighted. 

Astoundingly designed, this home library is grand yet homey. The use of wooden surfaces gives it a cozy and homey-appeal. Everything here speaks grandiosity without giving off a snobbish look. 

Charming and artistic, this two-level library takes advantage of the light coming in from the windows on the upper floor, while making sure that modern lamps are in place to make the room brighter. Needless to say, this library is a dream-come-true for book and art enthusiasts. 

The airy and bright design gives a dramatic look to this modern home library. The floating bookshelves are space-savers. We also love the glass table and armchair, giving the room a delicate look.

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