One of the most brilliant modern design ideas is combining a living space and an art gallery into one, thus, producing an art inspired modern space. Just like what a notable interior designer did to achieve a relaxing, visually appealing modern condo that any art collectors would love.

Interior Designer Carolina Gentry, one of the principal interior designers from Pulp Design Studio, is known for the infusion of a client’s individual character and style into a space.

“We worked with our client to customize their spaces, elevate our client’s amazing art collection, and add layers of livable warmth, all while still encompassing our client’s sophisticated and contemporary style.” - Carolina V Gentry, Pulp Design Studios.

Seeing pieces of a collection, properly showcased in every room of the home truly brings delight to any collector. It is like putting your stories on the walls of your home, at the corners of your room and even at your hallway. Take a look at how Carolina transformed a modern condo into a home gallery with function and art in mind. 

Ethnic - inspired paintings perfectly adorn the wall of this living area. They enliven the space as they add some splash of colors.

The spatial flow of this modern condo makes you feel as if you are walking through a gallery. The furniture arrangement allows you the full view of the collection.

Tribal prints and patterns are so in! According to Carolina, in one of her interviews, cultural influence is something to love in 2013 design style.The warmth from furnishings with woven patterns is having a duly noted comeback. It gives a sense of uniqueness to a space.

Every piece in this snapshot complements each other. Wood veneers and velvet textiles in contrast to concrete and steel.

Shed some light on it. Lighting is very crucial in bringing a dramatic effect to any space and object. Spotlighting has accentuated the luster of each piece of collection.

The designer achieved the perfect blend of neutral hues for the bedroom. The solid wood headboard serves as a base for the painting on the wall.

Nothing compares to the natural beauty of sumptuous wood grain. It is simply a perfect natural work of art to showcase in an interior.

These sculptural pieces add a touch of humor and interest to the living space.  

Having an art inspired modern space is like reminiscing the stories behind each item in the collection. Each story and experience are worth remembering.


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