Modern homes often tend to give off a masculine vibe with neutral colors, geometric lines and minimal designer contemporary furniture. However, your home can also have a softer, feminine appeal and look without compromising the essentials of modern home design as seen in the eclectic modern room ideas.

There are tons of feminine modern interior design ideas that will inspire and ignite your creativity. Treat your home like a huge canvas that’s waiting to be painted by your inspired touch. With a little out of the box thinking you can bring your home to life with eclectic pieces, softer and vibrant colors, curvilinear formed furniture and textures that will surely bring out the feminine.

Let’s take a look at eight modern rooms with a feminine touch.

This living room is undeniably charming, feminine and cozy. The wall accents go well with the colorful and different-shaped throw pillows, comfy-looking L-sofa, fluffy rugs and lighting fixture. If you’re thinking of giving your space a “nostalgic-look”, this room definitely gives off that vibe. Mixing and matching your furniture with contrasting accent pieces make this room really work.

A perfect combination of modern home design with a feminine touch, this airy, bright and spacious living space is a dream come true for those who want an elegant yet casual and relaxed-looking home. The plush lounge chairs, colorful accent throws and green ottomans/floor cushions give the room a softer and more interesting look. Needless to say, these pieces add life and color to the room.


This surreal-like feminine modern cottage displays eclectic furniture mix, giving this space a softer, country-style look. Mixing three different lounge chairs with different designs and texture balances the almost-formal and classic look and colors of this space.

 Another inspiring feminine modern design idea is to use lounge chairs in vibrant color – or better, in any shade of pink. This ultra-feminine space looks dreamy and spa-like. The colors – white, beige, nude and shocking pink – are dream-like and very soothing. The billowy curtains, classic rocking chair and white hanging bookshelves match very well with the sofas and center tables.


Who says that you can only prettify your living space? Your kitchen can also look like this! The pink walls make this kitchen and small dinette area feminine, soft and simply irresistible. The accent bowls and a touch of flowers here and there are hard to resist.

If you’re still racking your brain on how to amp and vivify your dining space, no matter the size, then this feminine modern design idea is one that should inspire you to revamp your home. The wow-factor of this space is undeniably glamorous, shabby chic and romantic. The unique modern lighting fixture is artistic and inspiring; the mismatched dining chairs complete the feminine look; and the rug adds texture to the space. 

If you’re a fan of contemporary modern home design, but you want to add a feminine appeal to your space, then this bedroom is one design idea that you should seriously consider. The wall art and throws in vibrant colors make the room feminine, yet accentuate the masculine elements of the space.

This bedroom has a strong lingering effect to the senses – the amazing and playful design elements of the room will make your jaw drop. The unique papered walls complement the vintage and feminine bed and pillows. The lone lounge chair matches the side table and framed artwork propped against the wall. This room becomes more interesting because of the one-of-a-kind hanging lamp as well as the wall-mounted shelf on the left side of the room.

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