We all love beautiful spaces, and many of us wish we had the skills and know-how to create gorgeous rooms of our own. You have to admit that designing your home can be quite challenging, exhilarating and even overwhelming. With several modern design styles to choose from, deciding which to use can be problematic. Besides, your space should speak about your personality; hence, it’s crucial that you know how to express yourself through the colors, themes, decors, design elements and furniture you use in your modern rooms.

What better way to learn to decorate your dream home than by taking an interior design course?

Open University says the best way to help you figure out your style is to find your design alter ego. Through their free, fun and informative video series, "Design in a Nutshell",  they teach you about design movements in a nutshell and help you discover your design alter ego. If you’re torn between modernism and postmodernism, then we suggest that you watch the fun, six-part videos and be floored with how design and art has evolved over the years.


These snippets talk about the Gothic Revival, Arts & Crafts, Bauhaus, Modernism, American Industrial Design and Postmodernism. For those who don’t know a thing or two about design, the video clips can very well serve as your introduction to interior design course. While the subject requires years of study and experience to be able to master it, these videos will still give you an overall understanding of the six design movements that made a great impact on our culture and society. And just might inspire a design idea or more.

The Gothic Revival talks about the rise of cathedral designs and how arches, crosses and even gargoyles became popular. On the one hand, the Arts & Crafts video tells the glory of craftsmanship during the early years. Bauhaus, one of the most influential design movements pre-war, narrates how the school of building in Germany combined the study of design and art. The fourth video gives an impressive gist of Modernism when LESS is MORE. Perhaps the more interesting clip is the one about American Industrial Design, which delves into how this movement created consumerism. Finally, the Postmodernism video talks about how the movement scraps the Modernism era and believes that less is boring.


Make sure that you TAKE THE TEST to determine your design alter ego after watching the clips. You only have to answer six fun, creative, and unpredictable questions about your opinion on furniture, modernism, design and what you would do in an emergency! We took the test and we were more than intrigued by finding out our alternate ego! Want to find out yours?

Watch the video series and take the test on Open.edu.


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