Jazzing up your modern apartment design can be fun and easy because of the choices that you have with today’s myriads of modern furniture, embellishments, accent pieces and other decorating ideas. You can easily find references of interior designs that will suit your taste and personality.

If you want your space fun, funky, eclectic or simply, brimming with enigmatic character, one design inspiration that you should look into is this Scandinavian modern apartment in Copenhagen. Designed by Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver, the apartment oozes with so much fun and chutzpah with its eclectic and colorful pieces – you’ll be wowed with every distinct detail the designers painstakingly put together.

We hope that The Apartment will become more interesting as time passes. That we establish a place for beautiful design and art that surprises each and every visitor - somewhere people come back to again and again for inspiration for exciting design' saysTina & Pernille, The Apartment creators.

 Truly, The Apartment is one modern apartment design taken into greater and newer level – a space where color, texture and art play a significant part, thus, making it more alive and more vibrant. Clearly, the designers are aiming for an airy and bright space – thanks to the windows where natural lighting comes in – and the spaces overall artistic look.

Colorful wall art, eclectic-designed rugs and mixed-and-matched modern furniture give the space an endearing look. Needless to say, the almost sparse-looking apartment also gives it a minimalist feel despite the abundance of brilliant hues everywhere.


Modern, classy and fierce – these are the exact words that best describe this space. The colourful three-seater sofa and lounge chairs bring a distinct character to the space as well as the beautiful and eclectic rugs. Combining colors against white, in this case the walls, is always a classic designer idea.

Colors pop out of this space – the abstract wall art goes well with rest of the furniture. Again, the colourful rugs and modern lounge chairs give off a fun and homey-look. The wooden floors painted white brings the space a somewhat rustic appeal, contrasting very well with the modern furniture.


Almost resembling a nursery or a playroom because of the mini-elephant structures/décor, this space looks playful, indeed. If you’re thinking of accent pieces that will make your space truly stand out, then this is a design inspiration for you. The framed artwork and rug adorning the walls are ingeniously creative; and so are the colorful rugs on the floor.

Proof that you can put colourful pieces all around you, this space is really brimming with vivid hues, texture and art. The quilt on the wall brings texture to the space, evoking the feeling of nostalgia. The custom-shaped throw pillows complement the white lounge chair as well as the rug.

The captivating wall art is more pronounced because of the white walls and stainless steel cabinet.

Who wouldn’t want to spend hours on a reading nook that spells comfort and inspires creativity? This comfy corner is perfect if you want to just lounge after a long day at work. The comfortable lounge chair’s wide back is shaped to mold your upper body well, and the wall art can make your mind go wander as inspiration – your muse – comes to you.

 The wooden study desk and chair gives a contrasting appeal against the white walls and floor – it is truly the star in this room.  The colorful lighting fixture and wall art make the space more interesting and charming.

Charming, homey and romantic – these are the words that will pop in your mind with this space’s creative use of color, texture and art. The modern and edgy lighting fixture lends a strong character to the space as well as the wall decors. The wooden cabinet and modern lounge chair sans the fabric bring texture to the subdued space; while the pink sofa softens the look and feel of this room.


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