Lucky enough to have brick walls in your contemporary space? To some this element might seem a bit outdated, but, when done right, nothing could be further from the truth. Scrap the idea of covering it up with traditional sheetrock or other wall materials. Instead, just let the feel of classic bricks speak for you.

You might be surprised how it can bring warmth to your space, and how it can complement your decors and sleek, modern furniture. Needless to say, this one trick – leaving the bricks exposed – can add wonders to your modern rooms whether you have minimalist, industrial or eclectic decors.

Let’s take a look at how charming brick walls can add character to your space...


Mounting your wall art on exposed brick is one great decorating idea that amps and prettifies your space. The art in this space matches the color and texture of the brick as well as the lounge chair, thus, creating a vintage and shabby-chic look.

If you’re into minimalist design and you love the color (or absence of it) white, then this space will surely inspire you and even more. The exposed bricks here work perfectly with white, giving a contrasting effect and breaking the monotonous theme. 

Make your kitchen and dining area more conducive and homey by choosing to use exposed bricks for your walls. The bricks here make the space more interesting, classier and cozier. It makes the hanging shelves in white, modern lighting fixture and granite counters stand out. Needless to say, this is one chic space to hang around with your family and friends.

 If you’re wondering if exposed bricks can make or break your modern room’s look, then this is one proof that can actually do the former and even more. This living room is simply unforgettable due to the jaw-dropping effect of the painted white exposed bricks. It completes and matches the different designs, styles and textures of modern furniture used here. And add to the fact that it makes the room look larger and brighter than it already is.

Here is one fine example of how using exposed bricks add character and life to your modern space. Wood floors absolutely go very well with exposed bricks, giving your space a country-style yet modern look and feel. This to-die-for living room’s modern lounge chairs, minimal decors and modern lighting fixtures match the exposed bricks unpretentious persona.

Obviously, you don’t need to hang wall arts or decors to make your space look more personal and edgier. What makes this dining space’s minimalist design stunning is the use of exposed bricks sans decors. If walls could speak, this almost-bare (there’s a mounted lighting fixture) wall will surely speak volumes about you and your room’s personality and character.

This minimalist, dreamy bedroom is a typical look of modern apartments today – low maintenance and clutter-free. The exposed bricks create a nostalgic and warm look, and works really well with earthy tones. 


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