We all want our personality to shine through when decorating our home. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a space where you can be at ease and breathe comfortably away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world?

One of the ways to add sparkle to your space and make a beautiful representation of your personality is by having your own gallery art wall. If you’re having second thoughts about creating your own gallery art wall at home i.e. you don’t want to spend so much on artwork or you simply don’t know how to create a gallery that makes a good impact – fret no more. Almost all of the decorating and designing blogs today give modern gallery art wall ideas, and there’s nothing easier in this world than getting some help from the experts.

 Whether you want to display your family photos, souvenirs from your travels, vintage artwork and even collages, you can freely do so on your gallery art wall. If you feel intimidated or overwhelmed with the number of artworks that you want to mount on your wall, we strongly suggest that you do some research on how to choose artwork, and more importantly, how to place them on your wall without cluttering your space. Simply put, you wouldn’t want to make one big mess of your wall so, it’s best that you plan and have fun with your gallery art wall!

Here are some inspiring modern gallery art wall ideas.

One look at this home office and reading space may overwhelm your senses – and even discourage you to mount your own gallery art wall, being a newbie in gallery-designing/mounting. What makes this room stand out and unforgettable is the undaunted desire of the designer to showcase different types of frames, photos and artwork, giving the room an edgy yet inviting look. If you have amassed a large collection of artwork, you can place them in random order. Another idea is to put together different colors of frames, textures and artwork on one wall.

If you think that only large walls or spaces should have an at-home gallery art wall, think again. This brilliant modern space, however limited, has a gallery of personal artworks that make the space more homey and endearing. This is proof that your gallery art wall need not look rigid, stiff and formal. Remember that you can choose to place your kids’ artworks and other personal mementos to add more character to your space.

 Your bedroom is truly your sanctuary and refuge after a long day at work. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own gallery art wall in your room. If you plan to have one in your room, you can be as creative as you like – mix and match different art styles, frames, shapes and colors.

One of modern gallery art wall ideas that we absolutely love is to combine symmetrical and random placements of artworks. Although this may sound chaotic, this space easily proves the point that it’s indeed possible. How the frames are placed here create a streamlined and clean look to the wall, despite it actually being a bit crowded/cramped. If you have this large of an artwork collection, you can have fun mounting frames in different shapes, colors and styles to make your space more interesting and charming.

Again, if you have a vast collection of artwork, you can still put them up on your gallery art wall without giving off a cluttered and chaotic vibe to your space. This bedroom’s black and white and vintage artworks create a classic look to the space. The black frames complement the earthy colors and tone of the room.


To get more decorating and designing ideas, stay tuned to our Blog and let us help you create your own beautiful space with cutting-edge styles and modern furniture.  


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