If you’re fortunate to live in a home with acres of available outdoor space, you might want to make your modern outdoor spaces dramatic, inviting and stunning. Why not build your home amidst luscious vegetation and an astounding pool to boot as the focal point of your outdoor space?

Ricardo Bofill, a world reknowned  architect who has travelled the globe and built villages, houses and churches with such utmost consideration with the natural landscape of space and nature, has constructed his client’s modern family house in Spain around a space brimming with vegetation and architectural history.

Born in Barcelona in 1939, Bofill graduated from the Barcelona University School of Architecture and the School of Geneva. In 1963, he formed the Taller de Arquitectura, a group of multidisciplinary and multitalented of architects, engineers, planners, sociologist, writers, movie makers, and philosophers, in order to “confront the complexity of architectural practice.”

Truly an artist and a visionary, Ricardo Bofill designs and builds with such candor and respect to nature’s landscape and people’s needs. As Bofill says, “To be an architect means understanding space organised by man, decoding the spontaneous behaviour and movements of a population and, additionally, perceiving the needs for change that this population may unconsciously express. We have to locate these shortcomings in order to make our own contribution.”

 Simply put, his creativity, skills and talent transcend beyond his academic background and world travels. His insightful philosophy and passion about working around what’s always been part of nature and marrying it with what people need sets him apart among other architects and urban planners today.  

One ingenious display of how he can transform modern outdoor spaces into elegant, dramatic space is evident in his Rojo (red) inspired modern family home in Spain. Located near the village of Montras, a few miles from the Spanish Costa Brava, Bofill’s summerhouse is one villa that’s definitely a feast for the eyes.  The property layout is similar to that of a small town and even has the ruins of a former peasant hut incorporated into the home itself.

Let’s take a look at the Bofill’s red-themed outdoor space and be inspired with how Rojo (red) can be used to give off a warm vibe and dramatic moody flair. 

Clearly the center of attention of Bofill’s outdoor space, the use of Rojo in the pool gives the space a warm, dramatic, and inviting look. The color red heightens the beauty of the lush greens surrounding the area, and complements the earth-colored brick.

Red represents romance and passion more than any other color. Even when used extravagantly, this color brightens and warms a space, especially if used with lighting fixtures in warm tone. At night, Bofill’s outdoor space, particularly the red-tiled and painted cabana behind the red pool exudes charm and sophistication.

The walls and home made with red/brownish bricks give Bofill’s modern home a nostalgic vibe – you might even wonder how much history has been etched on the walls. The architect Bofill clearly designed the home’s structure around the lush surroundings.

The high brown-bricked walls serve as windbreaker, and provide ample shade for the home’s relaxation corners.

To see more of Ricardo Bofill’s gorgeous home, visit his site RicardoBofill.com. For more modern architecture, decorating and design ideas, stay tuned to the 212Blog.

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