Design Principle: Rhythm / Repetition

Style: Modern

Repetition—the recurring pattern of elements within a room. Examples are colors or values, shapes, lines, patterns, textures or objects. Repetition is one of the principles that contributes to the rhythm or flow of a space.

Rhythm—the repetition of visual pattern to impart a sense of flow throughout a room or an entire living space. To lead the eye from one element of design to another, designers sometimes think music and use repetition, contrast, transition and progression.

The designer has infused rhythm into this modern penthouse with the repetition of Mid-Century modern chairs. Throughout the open living space, from living room to lounge and into the dining area opposite the kitchen, iconic modern chairs create the rhythm that flows from one area to another.

In the dining space, Eames molded plastic Eiffel armchairs surround a modern marble top table to create a focal point in this minimalist space with a textural upholstered wall and crystal chandelier.

The tiny lounge seems expansive and spacious with a panoramic cityscape beyond. A curvy Platner arm chair continues the rhythmic flow connecting the living room to the dining room beyond.

Herringbone tweed covered Swan chairs (an Arne Jacobsen design from 1958) add their graceful appeal, repeating or perhaps initiating the element of modern chairs in the living room depending upon the viewer’s vantage point within the space.

The appearance of these easily recognizable chairs is a brilliant way to bring a sense of rhythm and visual appeal to this big city penthouse apartment.

Images: David Hicks via DesignShuffle

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