A man who seems to never run out of design ideas, Sander Mulder is one of today’s bold and daring designers who never fail to come up with innovative modern armchair design, lighting and accent pieces. Clearly a man brimming with ingenious ideas, he never ceases to amaze the senses with his visually stimulating and smart designs. Born in 1978, this Dutch designer took design studies in 1996 to further cultivate his innate creativity and ingenuity. He then went to study in Eindhoven’s Design Academy where he graduated in 2002. Thereafter, he established his own design studio.

His success as a designer is evident on his modern, funky, fun, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. His collections of modern armchairs, lighting and interior design pieces continue to create buzz in the design industry and generate awe from furniture enthusiasts. His gorgeous creations have been featured in design websites, cementing his place and contribution to the design industry.

He is one of the designers of Kubikoff, a design team composed of today’s emerging furniture designers creating modern furniture. His modern armchair collections, ICON and SLICE series, can be viewed and purchased from his collection on 212Concept.com.

Slice Chair by Sander Mulder with Kubikoff

Inspiration and Philosophy
He draws inspiration from archetypes and mankind’s view of them. Evidently, he creates multi-faceted pieces – beautiful yet functional pieces of art. He believes that “good concepts should only exist in symbiosis with a good execution.” Having this firm belief and inspiration, he has consistently wowed his clients and fans of his endless ideas by improving and putting a twist on everyday objects as apparent in his collections.


"Marie Louis" by Sander Mulder

His lighting collections a vision to behold. No one makes more interesting lighting pieces than Mulder. This collection is composed of nine astonishing and breathtaking designs: Carat, Josephine, Marie-Louise, Therese, Cyclops, Halo, Ceci, Eureka and Katana. His eye-catching designs of lighting fixtures are simply creative and innovative – eliciting mind-blowing reaction from anyone who will lay their eyes on his modern indoor and outdoor lighting pieces.


Icon Armchair by Sander Mulder with Kubikoff

Indeed, one of today’s up-and-coming furniture designers of modern armchairs, Mulder has, without fail, been employing his clever technique of marrying and executing the concept of beauty and function with his storage, table and chair collection. His furniture collection is to die for – exceptional, strong and unique. His out-of-the-box designs produce astounding results – making them truly hard to resist. If you want furniture that will complement your design style as well as personality, Mulder’s Icon and Slice series, his collection with Kubikoff, are the perfect modern armchairs for your living or dining space.

Continue Clock by Sander Mulder

Truly a man with unlimited creative ideas, Mulder creates accessories that are mind-boggling in a positive way. His accent pieces are ordinary objects turned into extraordinary, artistic pieces. Who would have thought that wall clocks can be a conversation starter? His modern and functional ContinueTime clock can hog the limelight and make your jaw slack with its clean and strong form, futuristic-looking design and smart interpretation of the traditional wall clock. Simply put, Sandy Mulder’s accent pieces are the work of a passionate and real artist who always put playful and surprising touches in every day objects. 


Woofers by Sander Mulder

But don’t take our word for it…

We’re not the only ones singing Sander Mulder’s praises and tooting his horn for him. Take a look at what others are saying about this icon in the making and his work.

MostAlone.com: “His characteristic designs have left their traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world.

Fan, Dezeen.com: “Bloody brilliant, how has no-one thought of this before?

Arthitectural.com: “Poetry in motion…”

Designer Giorgio Biscaro: “Great Sander ! I have waited for this to come reality for so long ! It's really fantastic!

FastCompany.com’s Kit Eaton commenting on the Continue Time Clock by Sander Mulder :: “Dutch designer Sander Mulder's clock re-inventions have already amazed us.”

InventorSpot.com on Mulder’s Josephine lamp: “So exquisite. The more I look at these the more I feel that words just don't do them justice...”

SuperForest.org on Mulder’s Woofers: “Sometimes, a piece of artwork stands (or in this case sits) on it’s own and requires no formal introduction…behold, the woofers.

DecoratingDigest.com: “a young multifaceted Dutch designer, who plays all the instruments within the design orchestra. He creates and imposes tendencies from lamps to compliment of decoration and furniture, he dares to try everything and he does it well. He designs with style, bold and striking, innovative and above all attractive.”


To view more of Sandy Mulder’s modern armchair design on 212Concept.com or visit his website at SanderMulder.com.


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