As expected, artists who have vast knowledge about classic arts and design produce timeless pieces that speak of their reverence of history and today’s modernism and technology. Case in point, the stunning modern armchair and dining chair designs created by the Stolt Design Group. As one of today’s top emerging furniture designers, the Stolt Design Group has created exceptional designs of modern armchairs that hold true to its moniker, diamond. Truly a sight to behold, the Diamond Collection reflects the Stolt Design’s apparent knack in creating bold, sleek, multi-functional and quality modern armchairs.

Behind the Diamond Collection’s brilliance

The Stolt Design group is composed of three young brilliant minds from Norway. The three young men share the same passion for design and equally possess creativity and ingenuity in designing modern furniture. Combining their talents and shared passion for designing, the trio’s creations are understandably powerful and striking – and are destined to be one of the classics in the future.

The Norway-based trio put up Stolt Design after graduating from Akershus University College’s Product Design department. Equipped with their knowledge earned from the university and their gung-ho attitude, their mission for Stolt Design is clear: to produce long-lasting quality products that boast of quality, functionality and high user value.

Their design inspiration comes from the fact that their critical minds enable them to design gorgeous modern furniture with a problem-solving mindset.

Stolt Design is also one of the designers of Kubikoff, an Italian furniture design company specializing in the creation of quality and affordable modern furniture.

The Diamond Armchair by Stolt Design

Simply put, Stolt Design’s Diamond Collection will never cease to add sparkle in any home or office space. The trio’s respect of the classics and use of modern technology is apparent in their Diamond Armchair’s design. This beautiful modern armchair bears a strong resemblance to the classic Eames chair. Just like the rest of the Diamond chair models, the base is intricately woven, creating and representing the diamond’s rough edges. The Diamond Armchair is a cult classic – a favorite among lovers of modern furniture today because of its ingenious combination of the old and the new.

Diamond Barstool by Stolt Design

The Diamond Barstool also delivers the wow-factor. Perfect for hotels, restaurants and bars, this sleek barstool is made with ecologically friendly and recyclable materials. It is, indeed, visually stimulating – with its polycarbonate transparent shell and base in chrome-plated steel with plastic glides.

Diamond Chair by Stolt Design

Truly critical thinkers, the trio realizes the need to design a chair that is not only pleasing to the eye but also, more importantly, comfortable to use. The Diamond Chair may not look it; but, its clever form and style allows the users to sit comfortably in this chair without putting the usual pressure to the backs of thighs after prolonged seating.  As always, this is a durable chair, and it is perfect for outdoor usage. 

Diamond Pop Chair by Stolt Design

Another variation of the Diamond Chair is the Diamond Pop Chair. It possesses the same qualities of the Diamond Chair; but, comes in fun, funky colors that will surely spruce up your home or office space. 

Diamond Rocker Chair by Stolt Design

Another classic-inspired model of the Diamond series is the Diamond Rocker Chair. This is inspired by the Eames Rocker Chair. The Diamond Rocker Chair has the same polycarbonate shell design of the Diamond Armchair and the intricacies of the base, too. This comfortable chair provides the lulling comfort of a rocker chair; and can serve as an accent piece in every modern space today because of its classic and modern look.

Diamond Table by Stolt Design

Finally, the table that will match all the Diamond chairs, the Diamond Table exudes elegance, and is perfect for the home and office environment. The clear octagonal top is supported by a chrome-steel structure that creates the shape of a diamond when viewed from the top.

Watch the brilliant guys of Stolt Design talk about the inspiration behind there Diamond Collection. 

A beautiful video of the Diamond Chair by Kubikoff Multimedia 

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A creative designgroup.
Seen and tried most of the Diamond Collection and just love Diamond Pop Chair and Diamond Barstool.
Hope to see much more designs from these bright minds!

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