Clearly one of today’s emerging designers,Gino Lemson has been wowing furniture enthusiasts for years now with his sleek, modern furniture and stunning modern armchair designs  that are visually stimulating and comfortable.

Born in 1972 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the young Lemson grew up loving the arts, drawing and painting at a tender young age. His incredible talent in creating beauty more than compensates his lack of interest in academic subjects in his school years. The young Gino was, indeed, born to create furniture, especially modern armchairs, which boast of timeless, classic and gorgeous designs and structure.

Creativity fuelled with passion

Blessed with natural talent in designing, Gino started early in his craft and has since reaped the rewards of his efforts. Gino spent his teenage years designing furniture, honing his innate talent, focus and determination that brought him to his place today.

At the age of 20, he and his brother, Matthieu, opened their first furniture shop, GM Living Style. This first venture brought them success – their first piece, a modern modular sofa, was a huge hit. Furthermore, this success prompted them to open multiple stores and an upholstered furniture factory, Nuevo.  Naturally, Nuevo became a successful company, and Gino’s Piaceri model became its bestseller.

A true artist, Gino’s creativity is fuelled by his passion to create beautiful and functional modern furniture as evident on his eye-catching modern armchairs. He has collaborated with other designers since, including Hans Kolpa. Years after opening the Nuevo, Gino and Matthieu founded Kubikoff srl, an Italian modern furniture company that designs and produces original, durable and affordable quality furniture.



Taking the art of furniture design into the next level

Gino and Matthieu founded Kubikoff after chancing upon a long-forgotten manuscript detailing ingenious designs of Russian furniture designer, Aleksander Kubikov. The brothers, true to their inherent desire to consistently create pieces of fixtures that have unique style and form, decided to create test samples of furniture based on Kubikov’s teachings. They, then, named the company after Kubikov as a sign of utter respect and recognition of the late Russian furniture designer’s creative ideas and designs in making bold and daring furniture.

Just like its namesake, Kubikoff personifies and marries the concept of the old and the new exceptionally well. The company’s team of exemplary designers, including Sander Mulder, Stolt Design, Jutta Friedrichs and Ruud Bos, has created breathtaking modern armchair and table collections, ensuring that Kubikoff will strengthen its brand and increase its popularity in the modern furniture industry.

Gino Lemson’s first modern armchair collection in Kubikoff is called the Kubo.


Kubo Collection

Gino’s sophisticated and comfy-looking modern armchairs in his Kubo, Gino’s collection will suit the look and style of any modern home today. This Kubo collection’s unique make is composed of loose parts. His Kubo 3 Seat Sofa is perfect for the home and as a modern lounge chair in an office’s reception area. What makes this sofa more appealing is that it comes in designs that will match your space’s interior style or theme: you can choose the frame, type of coating or cushion cover you want for your piece.

The Kubo Bench Long is both the epitome of beauty and practicality. This modern sofa is perfect for a large space and minimalist home style. As signature design of the Kubo Collection, this modern lounge chair is composed of loose parts with a wooden frame and cushions available in a variety of upholstery options.

Another gorgeous modern lounge chair from this collection is the Kubo Daybed. This is an extremely comfortable-looking daybed that you can put in any part of the home. Its versatile design complements other lounge chair designs such as the Kubo Bench Long or the Kubo 3 Seat Sofa. 

Finally, another eye-catching chair from the Kubo collection is the Kubo Lounge Chair, the perfect accent chair that will complete your living or office space. The wooden frame lends a natural look to its modern design; and the plump cushions make it very cosy to lounge on for hours.

In addition, the only table under the Kubo collection is the Mies Table. This elegant, simple and ingenious table will perfectly complement any of the Kubo modern armchairs from this collection. 

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