If you are looking for an office chair that exudes sophistication, provides comfort and bears a distinct look and style, the Mercury Office Chair is the perfect modern office chair suitable even for home use. Designed by the award-winning Bartoli Design, the Mercury Office Chair perfectly represents the company’s undeniable dedication in creating aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional contemporary office chairs.

Honed and perfected through time

Bartoli Design is a brainchild of Carlo Bartoli who started the project in 1960. Born in 1931, the Italian designer got his feet wet early from his training with Italian masters of architecture and design. His innate creativity further fuelled after he graduated in Milano; he then started with architecture and interiors in 1960. Later, due to recurrent crisis in the building industry, he focused his attention and talent on furniture design. Thanks to this part of history, the furniture industry gained one of today’s best designers, brimming with ingenuity and continued perseverance to consistently create beautiful and outstanding pieces.

Carlo Bartoli’s impressive dedication to design research sets him tremendously apart from other designers. All his creations are, needless to say, well thought of. His passion enables him to design stunning, simple, comfortable and technology-inspired furniture.



Collaborations and awards

Since 1999, the Bartoli Design now comprised of Carlo, Ana and Paoli Bartoli, continues to put high value on design research. The team’s impeccable spectrum of design services start from marketing strategy to drafting designs and production development. Clearly, their practice and belief in painstakingly putting all design detail under scrutiny to be able to produce exceptional furniture lead to where they are in the industry today.

Moreover, their keen eye for detail, precision and understanding of the importance of technology are apparent in every piece they produce for today’s leading companies in the furnishing industry. Such companies include ArflexArketipoBonaldoConfalonieri, Colombo Design, Fiam, International Office Concept, Jesse, KartellKristaliaLaurameroni Design Collection, Lualdi Porte, Matteograssi, Move, Nodus, Rossi di AlbizzateSegisSteelcaseTissetanta and YcamiCollaborating with these companies earned Bartoli Design, not only partners who fully appreciate and understand their commitment to design research and creating furniture that will stand the test of time; but, also garnered them numerous awards.

The team received the XXI Compasso d’Oro ADI Award in 2008 for the R606Uno Chair they designed for Segis along with Fauciglietti Engineering. They also won the IF Award for Good Industrial Design for the Tube Sofa for Rossi di Albizzate¸ which was also selected to appear on a series of Italian stamps called “Italian Design for a New Domestic Landscape”. Furthermore, the stacking armchair, Breeze, won the I.D. Design Distinction Award, Apex Product Design Award, Red Dot and IF Award for Good Industrial Design.


Mercury Office Chair: truly a Bartoli masterpiece

Bearing the trademark technique, function and aesthetics of a true Bartoli masterpiece, the Mercury Office Chair is, indeed, a genius design that transforms the usual boring executive chair to a whole new level. This incredibly sleek and gorgeous executive chair designed with a flowing and sculptural form make this furniture comfortable because it molds into the form of the body’s shape. Its seat is designed ingeniously – it flexes in response to body weight. Its fully casted aluminium frame, chrome armrest and polished 5-star base make this chair look elegant and sturdy. Available in high back and low back options and K&R MESH or black half leather.

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