Among today’s ingenious designs of modern furniture, the Flow Lounge Chair guarantees that heads will turn and eyes will sparkle in awe because of its fluid, flowing one piece design. This stunning modern lounge chair design epitomizes elegance, comfort and style. Thanks to its designer, Alp Nuhoglu, the Flow will certainly brighten up your home or office space.

Behind B & T’s masterpieces

Alp Nuhoglu started his foray into furniture design at a young age of 23, when he founded his very own furniture design company, D OR. He was born in one of today’s homes of brilliant furniture designers, Trabzon Turkey, in 1965. He studied in Mimar Sinan University’s Industrial Products Design department. Since 2000, he has been designing for B & T Designs and has been its design director. Alp Nuhoglu has created numerous furniture designs for the company; 25 of which are featured in 212Concept’s B & T collection.

Flow Lounge Chair
One look at Alp Nuhoglu’s Flow Lounge Chair is enough to make you dig your hands into your palms and decide impulsively that you must have this gorgeous chair for your own special nook. Indeed, this modern chair will never disappoint in aesthetics, form and function. Just as you want your home to be your refuge after a long day at work, the Flow Lounge Chair will bring you utter bliss and unimaginable comfort more so than many other modern chairs today. It is made of commercial grade high quality injection-molded foam set on a metal frame with steel springs, ensuring that its stylish look doesn’t undermine the importance of quality and efficiency.

The Flow is available in eco-leather, genuine leather, organic wool and fabric in a myriad of eye-pleasing colors.


Frame Armchair
Unassuming and practical – these words will pop into your mind when you lay your eyes on the Frame Armchair. If you want to brighten up your dining space or conference room, the Frame Chair will serve its purpose and more. This simple chair is ideal for both residential and commercial use with its compact, straight lines, low key aesthetic and high user value.

The Frame Chair is made up of a metal frame with laminated legs. Upholstery options are available in artificial leather, natural leather and a variety of premium fabrics.

Leo Chair
This stackable chair designed by Alp Nuhoglu is trendy and truly a space-saver, a must-have for modern homes and offices with limited space. The Leo Chair has a resemblance to the classic Tulip Chair by Saarinen, lending a timeless appeal to this simple and chic piece.

The Leo Chair is made from polyurethane by injection method, and is available in matte or glossy chrome plated or electrostatic powder coated in different colors.

Cosy Chair
True to its name, the Cosy Chair is an extremely comfortable modern lounge chair that is perfect for any modern space. The sled-based armchair’s backward slant design molds into the shape of the body, ensuring and promising comfort even if you lounge on it for hours. This high quality chair is made from polyurethane bedding injection molded to a metal frame. Options for upholstery and colors are also available.

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