If you are looking for a modern lounge chair design for your office or home, the Flu Lounge Chair will compliment your space’s colors, other fixtures and accent pieces. Needless to say, this gorgeous modern chair will not overwhelm the senses, but may just steal the limelight. It certainly adds more appeal to any space; makes it more charming while providing comfort to users.

Manufactured by B & T Design, the Flu Lounge Chair is just one of the many ingenious designs that the company has created since it started its venture in a metal atelier in 1993. Dynamic husband and wife  team Bahar and Talip Aysan combine their passion and commitment for creating modern furniture that stands the test of time which has made their company highly successful in the industry. When it comes to designing pieces that are visually stimulating, of high quality, and available  at competitive prices, B & T Design offers modern furniture that will suit any modern space today.

Guiding principles and philosophy

Looking at the stunning designs of B & T Design, you can immediately see and sense the company’s design philosophy and beliefs. Each modern piece the B & T team has created over the years reflects the company’s dedication to consistently create better, desirable and worthy-of-choice modern furniture. Guided by these design principles, the dynamic team has been producing high quality and structurally seamless products at affordable prices. Needless to say, this Istanbul/Turkey based company has been wowing the public, specifically modern design enthusiasts, with chic, elegant, practical and eye-catching modern lounge chairs for the home and office.

Let’s take a look at B & T Design’s collection of modern chairs.

Red Chair
Designed by Alp Nuhoglu, the Red Chair or Kirmizi Chair exudes simplicity and elegance. This low-profile modern chair has a side profile with a geometric edge, making it look more stylish without being snobbish. This is an extremely comfortable lounge chair with its polyurethane bedding injection molded into a metal frame and choices of upholstery (eco-leather, genuine leather or prime fabrics). What makes this chair more fun to have in any design style is that you can choose to have its legs in matte, glossy chrome plated or electrostatic powder in vibrant colors.

Flu Lounge Chair

This unassuming modern lounge chair represents fully the company’s credo – better, desirable and worthy furniture. True to its worth, the classy Flu Lounge Chair possesses a sound and smart design without sacrificing comfort and high user value. Its slanted back and upholstered seat are ideal for prolonged use. Choices for upholstery are also available in eco-leather, genuine leather, organic wool and premium fabrics in bold and neutral colors. The Flu Lounge Chair will suit any home or commercial space with its highly adaptable design and style.

Pera Ellipse Chair

If you are wary of bulky furniture for your limited dining or office space, the Pera Ellipse Chair will never disappoint and serve its purpose and even more. Another Alp Nuhoglu creation, this eye-catching chair’s compact design will never disappoint aesthetically and practically. This chair is made from polyurethane bedding injection molded to a superior metal frame.  Upholstery options and stainless steel base make are also available.

Spirit Chair

Nothing spruces up a space more than a modern chair with a traditional and classy design. The Spirit Chair represents simplicity, traditional and class with its part-aesthetics and part-function style. Designed by Tanju Ozelgin for B & T, this handsome chair exudes seriousness without it being boring. It’s made from injecting polyurethane foam rubber to a wooden frame. This chair is available in genuine leather, eco-leather and prime fabric options.


Slender Chair
Another Alp Nuhoglu design for B & T, the Slender Chair brings modern chair design to a whole new level. Its one continuous design brings beautiful fluidity to any home or office space, a sure feast to every eye with its slender and sleek design. The Slender chair is made of injection expandable polyurethane set on a steel upholstered frame. Just like the rest of B & T Design’s chairs, upholstery options are available in eco-leather, genuine leather and organic wool in different colors.

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