With her exposure to different cultures and heritage, coupled with her innate talent in modern armchair design, Jutta Friedrichs is, indeed, one of the top emerging furniture designers today. Her gorgeous ZigZag Chair proves that Jutta possesses a knack in designing bold and functional modern lounge chairs. Born in Germany in 1979, Jutta’s natural talent in designing and creating stunning works of art was already apparent at such a tender young age.  Her first foray in designing and building was at the age of eight, when she created an elaborate dollhouse with miniature furniture in her father’s workshop.

A well-rounded and educated artist

Jutta’s academic background is quite exemplary. True to her craft, she spent years honing her innate talent in schools that helped catapult her where she is today. In addition, her extensive travels to different countries added to her seemingly endless bank of creative juices, making her design ideas quite diversified, bold and rich. She earned her BA in Product Design degree from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. She recently graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design where she earned her Master’s degree in design studies in 2012.

Joints & Fragments sketch by Jutta Friedrichs

Imbibing rich culture from different countries

Jutta first started her career overseas when she was recruited by the Dutch retailer, Xindao, to co-found its in-house design department in Shanghai, China. After staying there for two years, she built her own furniture design studio, MÜ Furniture. This venture earned her numerous recognition such as Red Dot, the Elle Decoration award and the If design award.

Her works are fine pieces of art – she does not limit herself to one medium. Although known primarily as an incredibly gifted furniture designer today, she has ventured into other media that allows her to express herself more freely. Her writings and multichannel audio-visual installations prove that her talent knows no boundaries – and with her enormous talent, she has already made a mark in the furniture design industry. And without a doubt, Jutta will continue to wow the world with her sleek, funky, functional and bold designs in whatever medium she uses.

ZigZag Pop Chair by Jutta Friedrichs

Simply Jutta: ZigZag Collection

Jutta is one of Kubikoff’s esteemed designers, and her ZigZag chair or collection is undoubtedly one of the eye-catching and awe-inspiring modern armchairs for modern homes today. Her modern lounge chair collection called the ZigZag series, represents how rich her talent and background is in crafting modern lounge chair. Her ZigZag POP Chair is a favourite, a standout piece that every modern home should have because of its playful, bold colors and sleek designs. If you want to liven up a space or add pizzazz to your interior style, the ZigZag POP Chair will do just that and even more.

ZigZag Chair by Jutta Friedrichs



ZigZag Armchair by Jutta Friedrichs


Barewood Table by Jutta Friedrichs


Bittersweet Sofa by Jutta Friedrichs


Whatever style or look you are aiming for in your home or office space, grab one or multiples of Jutta Friedrich’s ZigZag chairs. To shop Jutta Friedrichs' modern armchair design visit 212Concept.com

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