Proving that not all great designers need to have formal training and experience in design, Ruud Bos’ innate talent and keen eye for details set him apart from today’s top modern furniture designers, as impeccably shown on one of his popular modern armchair designs, the Angel Armchair. Not to be outdone by his fellow furniture designers, Ruud Bos is undeniably holding his own very well, and has, indeed, succeeded in making his mark in the very competitive furniture industry.

Innate talent and eye for designing furniture

Needless to say, Bos’ lack of educational training and experience in designing furniture make his creations speak more of his viewpoint, personality and character instead of following the status quo. His creativity and passion for beauty and art are inherent, enabling him to create pieces with high-end design value.

Born in 1965, this Dutch furniture designer’s raw and innate talent and creativity gave him his start in crafting chairs for the contract market as early as 1993. Since, he has further strengthened and honed his skills and knowledge in making beautiful and high quality pieces. More importantly, Bos understands that designer furniture also needs to be more accessible and more affordable to everyone who loves modern design. Today, Ruud Bos joins the uber-talented designers of Kubikoff; with his ethereal Angel Collection. 


Angel Armchair
Ruud Bos’ Angel Collection (Angel Armchair, Angel Chair and Angel Pop Chair) are premium examples of modern transparent chairs designed to give comfort and add beauty to any space. His Angel Armchair’s stunning and simple design will complement or highlight any interior design style. Whether you are going for a contemporary or New York look, the Angel Armchair will never disappoint. This molded polycarbonate chair’s form is designed to cradle the body, ultimately promising comfort even for prolonged use. Its shell comes in two colors: clear and transparent. Seat pads are available in six colors.


Angel Chair
When asked for his thoughts about designing the Angel Chair, Ruud Bos says, “The challenge in designing the Angel Chair for Kubikoff was to create a low cost chair with a high end design value. By introducing the new Angel Chair, I think we have succeeded in making good design more accessible for a wider range of people.” And we certainly believe that he has achieved more than that with the Angel Collection’s eye-catching design and style.


Just like the Angel Armchair, the Angel Chair is one of the popular designs of modern transparent chairs today. Like the rest of the Angel Collection, the gorgeous chair is made of eco-friendly and recyclable materials. More importantly, it is sturdy and its color is permeated through the material, ensuring that its vibrant colors will stand the test of time. 


Angel Pop Chair
Also from the Angel Collection, the Angel Pop Chair is the perfect side chair or dining chair that will complement your office or home space design and style. As always, the materials used here are ecologically friendly and recyclable. This molded polycarbonate and leather-upholstered chair perfectly molds into the shape of the body. This irresistible chair is available in 10 vivid hues.

Angel Tailored Armchair
A beautiful variation of the Angel Armchair, the Angel Tailored Armchair also exudes beauty, glamour and comfort. This molded polycarbonate chair is made with flexible polyurethane padding. It is upholstered in either Gabriel step or in Melange fabric. Its transparent acrylic legs best matches with the vibrant colors of the upholstery, making your space more fun, funky and colorful.

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