From coast to coast here in the U.S. and in countries around the world, small space living is not a lifestyle for the future. Whether it’s because of budgetary constraints, commitment to reducing impact on the environment or purely personal reasons, we’re embracing the small space lifestyle now. From tiny elegant city lofts, to chic micro-apartments downtown to tiny modern and rustic houses on wheels in the countryside, all sorts of small homes are being explored and fully embraced. Are you considering a new downsized lifestyle? What does it take to live smaller? 

Smithsonian Magazine tells us micro-apartments are the future of urban living. This beautiful modern space is a very modest 325 sq. ft. and every inch is cleverly used with elements that “ open, slide unfold or transform” in some why. That’s what micro-living is all about—commitment to the lifestyle and creative use of available space.

Storage just may be the element that makes successful small-space living possible. This London loft has been filled with clever and stylish storage.

To fully embrace the small space lifestyle, you’ll need to carefully consider the colors you choose. With minimal room to live, neutral colors and vivid hues that you love are the only ones that should grace floors, walls, ceilings and furnishings. Do you desire the calm and serene look of whites and neutrals or do you crave color and feel sad without it?

If you need light almost as much as you do air, don’t commit to living in any space that doesn’t have lots of light, both natural and artificial. Considerations like this can make or break a foray into a small space lifestyle no matter how dedicated you are.

Unless your choice is a micro-apartment, small space living doesn’t have to mean giving up all of the amenities you love—like a cool little foyer to welcome guests and drop packages and such just inside the front door. This tiny space is filled with glamorous modern elements.

Even a tiny living room can be made chic and sophisticated by well-considered choices of furniture, lighting and accessories. But, it will take commitment, lots of planning and deep thought.

In a small living space, you’ll likely have to forego a guest room, but there are lots of clever ways to provide a place for overnight visitors to sleep. Here’s a Murphy bed in the living room of that LA loft.

Going outside the city, we leave you with a glimpse into the Tiny Tack House in a country setting in Washington state. This is what it might be like to live in a very tiny home of just 140 sq. ft. not counting the sleeping loft. Inside it’s all modern and cozy rustic style, but the interior measures only 6 ft. 8.5 in. by 19 ft. 10½ in.

Do you think you are suited to living in a tiny house, micro-apartment or what might be considered a cramped loft? Have you already embraced the small space lifestyle? Show us on 212Concept Facebook page.

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