sohoConcept’s new collection embodies Boston’s traits

Style and comfort must be your top-of-mind when buying furniture. Apart from marveling at artistic and creative designs of furniture today, you can also sense chemistry between you and a piece– just like when you see the perfect pair of stilettos or the right shade of kohl. There is this seeming connection between you and a certain piece of art – a connection that is sometimes hard to put into words and rationalize your need to acquire it no matter what. This connection, and sometimes, association can lead you to what your mind and heart desire. In the case of furniture hunting/buying, associating a sofa, chair, stool or loveseat with someone or something that makes you feel good, reminisce or relive a better part of your life is considered a done-deal. You are hooked not only to its beauty, but more importantly to its character.


What’s more brilliant than naming a furniture collection after a city that is rich with history, culture, achievers and professionals? Needless to say, carrying the name of a renowned city that is well-loved and appreciated by people from all walks of life can add personality and character to a collection that embody its traits. With the release of sohoConcept’s new collection, Boston, you are in for a smart treat just like its namesake. Boston, after all, is dubbed as the most innovative and smartest city in America right now – housing top universities, talents and artists of today. What’s more fitting than naming a smart and innovative collection after Boston then?



Weaving of the Past and Present

The city that is often unfairly compared to bigger cities like New York, Boston stands out because of its being a small city, full of charm and history. You don’t need to be a lover of ancient and rustic stuff – or even cobblestoned walks – to find yourself aimlessly wandering around the city’s lovely neighbourhood. Rich historic landmarks are also a must-go-to especially for tourists. Exploring the historically-rich places in the city can be fascinating and therapeutic at the same time – what can be more relaxing than revelllng at the wonders of the past and connecting it to the present? This marrying of the past and the present gives the city more depth and appeal, making it more endearing to Bostonians and visitors, too.



Just like the city’s history, sohoConcept’s new Boston furniture collection is able to convey charm and the feeling of longing that are reminiscent of the past. Its sleek and cosy features ensure that this is destined to be a classic feature of your home – never to be outdated because its appeal strengthens overtime. Moreover, this collection epitomizes the elegance of the present time. The Boston Lounge Chair and Boston Sofa boast of sophistication and elegance. This collection promises to complement your contemporary space, and allows you to be comfortable in its full-feather back cushions.

Smart and Innovative

Acclaimed universities in the country are in Boston. Graduates of these top schools have apparently excelled in different fields – the arts, technology, science and business. Hence, it is only fitting for

sohoConcept to name its new collection. Boston because it carries these two distinguished traits as well: smart and innovative. While the city is proudly the home of many talented offspring, sohoConcept’s Boston collection is also created and designed ingeniously, putting utmost importance to your comfort and aesthetic requirements.


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