No matter which decorating style that you desire for your home, it’s best to mix and match some elements to keep your surrounding – indoor and outdoor – more interesting and exciting. Whether you’re aiming for a shabby chic, contemporary or funky look, among modern furniture today that will absolutely complement your living or dining space is the transparent plastic chair. The transparent chair’s clean and seamless look makes it easy to match with any furniture material – metal, wood and even polycarbonate. This multi-purpose element is often used in living, dining and office spaces. Other times, it’s used as an accent piece.

212Concept boasts a stunning collection of transparent chairs perfectly created by today’s top furniture designers and manufacturers, including Papatya and Kubikoff. Below we feature ten transparent chairs from our collection.

Angel Chair                                                                           

The Angel Chair’s gorgeous design is a collaboration of furniture design geniuses, Ruud Bos and Kubikoff. This modern chair is made of chrome, polycarbonate and acrylic; and ecologically-friendly and recyclable materials. It masterfully combines the beauty of modern art and durable materials with its base and legs made of Lucite and chrome; assuring all modern furniture enthusiasts that each and every element of the Angel Chair will withstand the test of time. If you want to liven up your modern home with interesting pieces, the Angel Chair will never fail to complement your home’s contemporary style. A definite eye-catcher and conversation starter, it is also comfortable to sit in, and is perfect for your dining space or reading nook. The Angel Chair can be used indoors or outdoors.


Class-X Chair

Apart from its multi-function and durability, transparent chairs are practical fixtures great for both indoor and outdoor usage. They are also space-saving pieces – suitable even for small starter homes and apartments especially when they are stackable or easily tucked away until needed. The Class-X Chair is a stackable injected polycarbonate and anti-UV stabilized chair in a single piece that is ideal to be used in your dining, patio and office spaces. Its modern and classic look will suit whatever theme or look you are aiming for your home. Class-X Chair comes in set of four (4). Cushion options are available to make it more comfortable and appealing.

Diamond Armchair

Transparent chairs stand out because of their modern yet classic look and appeal. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a chair that looks and feels light, seemingly vulnerable yet promises sturdy support? Needless to say, these amazing creations never fail to add sparkle to any room – especially if created with such intricate details inherent in the Diamond Armchair.  Stolt Design and Kubikoff Lab collaborated on the design of this transparent chair, with a vision to create an exceptional chair that is visually stimulating without sacrificing its form and function. Its striking crisscross chrome legs woven together befit its name, diamond; and its deep seat pocket and waterfall seat edge provide comfort belying its looks and size.

Diamond Chair

Part of Stolt Design and Kubikoff Lab’s Diamond collaboration is the Diamond Chair. It has the same design in its base legs as the Diamond Armchair and basically, the same inspiration sans the armrest. 

Diamond Rocker Armchair

This Kubikoff design is a transparent rocker armchair that is reminiscent of the popular Eames’ Shell Rocker Chair. Kubikoff’s genius in creating the Diamond Chair series, plus the classic look and style of the rocker chair, makes this quite an eye-catching piece. This transparent chair magnificently combines comfort, beauty and style.  

Gyza Chair

Mixing and matching your furniture will certainly make your home more fun and chic. Another funky and artistic design of Plastix / Papatya, the Gyza Chair is a single-piece, injection-molded polycarbonate chair that comes in vibrant hues, which are sure to make your space extraordinary. It is a great match for your dining table whether it be wood or metal; and can be used as an accent piece in your living or bedroom space. It comes in a set of four (4); with optional brightly colored seat pads. 

Icon Chair

What makes a piece of furniture iconic is its unique and creative design; aesthetically and functionally. The Icon Chair, designed by Kubikoff and Sander Mulder, manages to live up to its name. Indeed, it has an iconic look – what with its clever design and combination of diverse materials. Its polycarbonate shell in clear Lucite and colourful seat pads make this transparent chair the best choice to smarten up any space; while its wooden legs, crafted with traditional carpenter’s craftsmanship plus CNC technology, make it truly stand out.

Stack Chair

If you are looking for a transparent chair that allows you to be really comfortable and encourage free and maximum movement, then Kubikoff Lab’s Stack Chair is the right piece for you. This multi-functional shell chair has flexible uses – you can use it in your office, dining or outdoor space. If you are looking for a chair that is comfortable without occupying too much space especially in the office, this transparent chair will certainly serve its purpose and more. 

X – Treme – S

This Plastix/Papatya transparent chair is a no-nonsense piece with impressive multi-functional elements. Simple truly is beautiful – and this is evident in the classic beauty of the X-Treme-S Chair. Made of technopolymer set upon a chrome-plated steel tube structure, this chair is sturdy, luxurious in its look and feel, and decidedly classy. The X-Treme-S Chair comes in expressive transparent hues and solid colors; and is Anti-UV stabilized. 

ZigZag Armchair

This transparent chair is a landmark design from Jutta Friedrichs, and epitomizes class, elegance and function. This molded polycarbonate chair is designed to attune with the molds of your body, a perfectly comfortable chair you would want to sit in after a long day at work. What makes this a head-turning eye-pleaser are its base legs, which come in three different finishes: stained black wood, stained walnut wood and American ashwood natural wood. Just like all of Kubikoff’s creations, this transparent chair is made of ecologically friendly and recyclable materials.  


Decorating with Transparent Chairs

While each Transparent Chair in our 212Concept collection is made from modern materials of polycarbonate or technopolymer; other clear chairs include Lucite chairs, Acrylic chairs, and Ghost chairs. No matter the material, these shining furniture pieces are a much loved design element for the beauty and often times functionality it brings to any room of the home.

Designers and design bloggers often feature transparent chairs on their websites and blogs, giving it praise while giving readers highly useful decorating ideas and tips on how to make the most of this stunning piece of furniture. Below we feature some of our favourite designers and bloggers and their terrific ideas.

Ruxana Oasman
Vermont-based interior designer, Ruxana Oasman suggests placing transparent furniture alongside antiques, “Although it has a very distinctive, modern appearance, it integrates with antiques well because it simply ‘disappears’.   It doesn’t compete with more dramatic pieces of furniture.” Find more tips on

Kate Simmons blogger Kate Simmons offers up some excellent benefits of incorporating transparent furnishings into your décor, a transparent chair by the window lets the light shine through it. In other “…they create the illusion of more space. How? Because you can see the floor through a clear coffee table, and a transparent chair by the window lets the light shine through it. In other words, acrylic pieces don’t fight with the dimensions of the room or break up the space in a jarring way. On the contrary, they seem to float in the spaces they inhabit!” Read the rest of Kate’s post on

Shiraz Ali
Design blogger Shiraz Ali provides the the ultimate guide to decorating with transparent elements. He suggests, “Try pairing [transparent] pieces with natural materials, such as wood, plants, or bamboo for a modern fusion design that is relaxing and practical…create a mod, sixties-style design that is both classic and funky at the same time. Acrylic wall art and acrylic furniture used together creates a unique and modern space that will inspire creativity and improve productivity.” Find out more on

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